Pictures of Ringworm 

Pictures of ringworm are useful in helping to identify whether you have this fungal skin problem or not. Ringworm pictures can illustrate the symptoms often described. These symptoms include well-defined raised patches of red skin with a white or normal skin colored area in the middle. This creates the characteristic ring look that is associated with a ringworm problem on the torso of an individual.

However, ring worm can also attack other skin areas such as the scalp. In this case the skin on the scalp usually does not show the ring pattern described above. Instead, crusty or scaly type skin patches are evident. In addition, areas of hair loss also occur when ringworm has affected the scalp area.

To examine some ring worm pictures, visit the link below. At this link, you will find pictures of ring worm on the body as well as a picture of an individual suffering from scalp ring worm. At this link, a ringworm treatment for eliminating this skin care problem is also discussed.

Pictures can be very useful when researching skin problems and will help you start the diagnosis process but not complete it because some skin conditions can produce similar symptoms. For a proper and more accurate diagnosis of this skin care problem, you should visit a skin doctor or dermatologist. The doctor may have to do some clinical testing in order to establish the presence of ringworm or determine if the symptoms are due to some other skin problem.

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