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Ringworm is a term given to a relatively common skin rash that is caused by fungus. This skin problem is not caused by a worm, as may be suggested by the name. A ring worm rash typically affects the whole body and in this case is called tinea corporis. This fungal skin infection may also target the scalp and is known as tinea capitis. The symptoms of tinea capitis are loss of hair and skin flaking or scaling similar to dandruff. If the ring worm attacks the feet, then it is known as athlete’s foot. Symptoms of athlete’s foot are that the skin on the feet is very itchy and a patchy type rash is present. Small cracks and scaling are often evident on the feet, especially between the toes. If the fungal infection occurs in the groin area, it is referred to as jock itch.

Prevention of Ringworm

Ring worm skin rash is classified as a contagious rash. It can be spread between individuals if direct skin to skin contact is made with the rash or if skin contact is made with the hands of the individual that has been scratching the fungal skin rash. Direct contact with a contaminated item may also spread the fungus. House pets and farm animals may pass ring worm to humans. Practice proper ring worm prevention to avoid getting this fungal skin rash.

Ringworm Rash Symptoms

On the body, ring worm has very characteristic symptoms. The skin can be itchy and has one or more red circular and raised lesions of varying size (one inch to several inches in diameter). It is also sometimes described as a ring-shaped skin rash because the center of the rash patch is often not red and appears unaffected by the skin condition. The border of the lesion is usually well defined and is scaly, but blisters or bumps may also be present. However, distinct patches of affected skin can connect together and form much larger patches. Sometimes a skin rash of small red bumps that is not similar to the principal rash develops on unaffected areas of the body. For some pictures of this skin problem visit the following ring worm pictures link. 

Ringworm Treatment

Although a skin rash always causes concern in individuals, if it is ring worm, then a treatment can be used. Anti-fungal creams or lotions available over the counter or by prescription are used to treat ringworm skin rash. Treatment times are usually for a couple of weeks. If the condition has affected the scalp, oral medications are required. For some individuals, ring worm can be quite persistent. A natural cure for ring worm can be a more effective treatment option in these cases. In addition, the fungus thrives in moist, dark, and humid areas of the skin. Therefore, eliminating these factors should help the skin problem.

Note that ring worm rash is often confused with other skin problems such as eczema, contact dermatitis, and psoriasis and therefore a proper diagnosis is essential before treatment.

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