Reoccurring Very Itchy Rash on Leg

by Becky
(Michigan, USA)

reoccurring itch rash on leg in the same spot

reoccurring itch rash on leg in the same spot

About five years ago now I had skin hives cover my whole body for about two and a half weeks. No reason for these hives appearing could ever be found. The next month, after my hives were gone, a small bump in my leg starts to itch really bad. At first I thought it was just a simple mosquito bite on my skin. However, it developed into a very itchy skin rash lasting about a week and then it would go away. Now this same scenario happens about every month in the same exact spot every time. It is a very very itchy skin condition and when it appears it turns bright red.

During the winter months, the itchy skin rash didn't appear but now it is the month of June and it has returned. I avoided shaving my leg in the problem area thinking that I may be allergic to my razor.

Please help! If anyone can provide me a clue as to what this is and why this keep going on I would appreciate it. I have included a picture of this reoccurring itchy rash that appears on my leg.

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