Ringworm Treatment

A ringworm treatment is required when individuals are suffering from ring worm. Without a proper treatment the ringworm rash will not heal, can spread to other areas of the body or to other people, or other problems may arise such as bacterial infections or dermatitis. The treatment can differ depending on the type of ringworm that is present, for example, if it is on the body, foot, scalp, or nails.

The usual treatment for ring worm is the use of non-prescription anti-fungal topical medication. This may be in the form of a lotion, cream, or powder. Examples of such products include Lotrimin, Canestan, Mycelex, Desenex, Tinactin, and Micatin. Usually, such products are used for about two weeks. Each medication is different and so ensure instructions are followed properly in order to achieve maximum effectiveness and safety. The topical ringworm creams are not always effective and if an improvement in the ringworm condition does not occur then a visit or return visit to a physician is in order.

If the skin problem does not improve with non-prescription products, or the skin condition keeps returning, or large areas of the body are affected, then prescription creams might be used. Examples of these creams and lotions include Spectazole and Moni-stat Derm. If prescription creams and lotions are not effective then the doctor may prescribe oral medications. Oral medications tend to be prescribed more often for ringworm of the scalp, face, and nails. Examples of prescription oral medications include Sporanox, Diflucan, Lamisil, Grisactin, and Nizoral. Like many other oral medications for other health ailments, there are possible side effects with some of these medications. The more common side effects include stomach upset and skin rash. In some cases, abnormal liver functioning is a concern. The physician or pharmacist should provide information on the side effects. Treatment routines can take several weeks.

Anti-fungal shampoos usually do not cure ringworm of the scalp but can aid in preventing the spread of the skin condition.

To help control the itching and inflammation caused by ringworm, the doctor may prescribe a corticosteroid.

Finally, there is an all natural home ringworm treatment that is available. This is for those where other treatments are not working, those that prefer a natural approach to healing, or for those that do not want to be on medication for long periods of time. This natural ring worm treatment has been proven to be fast acting and very effective. More information can be found at the all natural treatment link below.

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