Shooting Star Tattoo Designs

Free shooting star tattoo designs such as the ones illustrated below are provided by

shooting star tattoo design
single shooting star tattoo design
Chinese shooting star design tattoo symbols

The ULTIMATE TATTOO PACKAGE available exclusively from


  • tattoo jpeg images (over 200) in 25 categories such as armbands, dolphins, hearts, lower back, tigers, roses, suns, zodiac, celtic, dragons, shooting stars, and more
  • FOUR Tattoo Ebooks
  • audio version (mp3 format) of one of the ebooks

Collectively, the topics covered by these FOUR ebooks include:

  • History of Tattoos
  • The Meanings of Tattoos - Make sure you know the true meaning of a tattoo before putting it on display on your skin.
  • Beginners Guide to Getting a Tattoo - All the basics for first-timers are covered?
  • Information to Know Before Getting a Tattoo - Key tattooing information is provided.
  • The Tattoo Process In A Nutshell - How does the tattoo process actually work?
  • Application Techniques of Tattoos
  • Pros and Cons of Tattoos
  • Picking out a Tattoo Studio - Key subject areas to examine about a tattoo studio before selecting one to do your tattoo.
  • Choosing the Artist - What should you know about the artist doing your tattoo.
  • Picking out the Right Image For You
  • Popular Tattoo Designs - All the most popular designs are discussed.
  • Where to Put that Dream Tattoo Design - Various factors are discussed and examined in order to help you to decided where to put your desired tattoo.
  • The Cost of Tattoos - How expensive is it to get a tattoo and what are the factors that affect the cost of the tattoo?
  • Minimizing the Pain of Tattoos - Tattooing will be painful, but how can you minimize the pain of the tattoo process.
  • Tattoo Safety Precautions and Sanitation - This is a very important topic to research for anyone getting a shooting star tattoo design or any other tattoo design.
  • After Care of New Tattoos - After everything you have been through to get that tattoo, you want to make sure you properly take care of it.
  • Things to Expect From Tattoo Removal - What if you no longer want that tattoo, do you have any options for tattoo removal.


Many pages of even more tattoo designs –tribal tattoos, tribal rings, tribal dragon, Japanese characters, Kanji symbols, celtic, decorative dragons, angels, butterflies, floral, patriotic, zodiac, Chinese zodiac, Chinese characters, and more!

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