Angel Tattoo Designs

Angel tattoo designs are a very popular choice for tattoos. Angels can possess several meanings depending on which religion they are associated with. Generally, angels represent good spirits that are around to counteract evil spirits. They can represent peace and joy. Angels are messengers or more specifically messengers from God. Angel tattoos are also very popular because of the guardian angel theme, a figure to watch over the individual during day-to-day life. An individual often gets an angel tattoo in order to remember someone that has died. Tattoo designs can be of full angels in various tattoo design patterns or just various decorative wing designs. Some examples of angel tattoos are shown below.

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angel tattoo design with cross
beautiful angle tattoo design
sexy angel tattoo design with large wings
angel tattoo design of a pair of angel wings

An individual may get an angel tattoo for no specific reason other than the look. There are many design choices and many ways to be creative with angels or angel wings in tattoo designs. However, some individuals get angel tattoos because of what they represent. To summarize once again, angel tattoos can represent a protective aspect - guardian angel. Guardian angels watch over humans to ensure their safety and also to protect their souls. Angels are thought of as spiritual beings, more powerful than ordinary humans. Individuals that value religion as an important part of their life and identity may want to get an angel tattoo. Angels are also referred to as messengers from God. Finally, angel tattoos are often used to pay tribute to a lost love one.

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