Chinese Tattoo Symbols

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Chinese tattoo symbols are a very popular choice for individuals when it comes to selecting a tattoo to place on their body. Some individuals want to express a thought or a feeling in a way different from images and this design of tattoo is perfect for performing this task. Tattoos using tattoo characters in Chinese allows this to occur. Not only can individual words be used, but also phrases, and deeper meanings.

Almost anything can be expressed with these Chinese tattoos since there are over 100,000 characters in the Chinese writing system, a system that is thousands of years old. In addition, to the flexibility that the Chinese tattoo symbols provide, the tattoos are very interesting designs as well. So, you can get a very interesting tattoo design with a deep meaning all at the same time.

An important factor to consider when getting this type of tattoo is to ensure that you are choosing the correct symbol or symbols for the words or meaning you are trying to convey. A common mistake made by tattoo artists or the individuals who want the tattoo is using the wrong Chinese characters to represent what you want.

Another point of confusion is Japanese character tattoos. Often the characters can look quite similar and so it is important to pay special attention to this. If not, you many think you are getting a Chinese tattoo that says one thing, but you may end up with a Japanese character tattoo that says something else. You may consider using a Chinese translation service to verify the meaning of your symbols or check various different resources to ensure the symbol is correcting illustrating the meaning you want. At the very least, check with your Chinese friends to ensure that your Chinese tattoo symbols are saying and representing exactly what you want.

Remember, it is too late after the tattoo is done. So, ensure you do your homework before visiting the tattoo artist.

Chinese Tattoo Symbols

If you are looking for Chinese tattoos, then you can find some examples below. These are just some of the many thousands that are available.

chinese characters tattoos
tattoos of Chinese symbols for fearless, good and evil, and happiness
Chinese tattoo symbols for trustworthy truth victory

Interested in other Chinese characters for your tattoo design? The eBook described below and available from provides several more Chinese tattoo characters. For example, symbols are provided for: horse, monkey, ox, pig, blessed, desire, dream, eternal love, I love you, peace, hope, fearless, and much more.

In addition, this eBook are provides many other tattoo designs in the following categories:

  • Basic Decorative Designs
  • Zodiac Signs and Symbols
  • Celtic
  • Variety of Floral
  • Butterflies
  • Dragons
  • Angels
  • Tribal
  • and more!


This eBook containing over 150 pages of tattoo images is available for $8.99 (US).

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