Benefits of Selenium for Skin

The benefits of selenium for healthy skin care are quite broad. Selenium is a mineral found in a variety of foods. The foods with the greatest amounts of selenium include oats, corn, wheat, brown rice, nuts such as Brazil nuts and walnuts, meats such as poultry and beef, seafood such as tuna and herring, organ meats such as liver and kidney, eggs, and cheese.

Selenium can also be taken in supplements. The recommended daily allowance (RDA) for selenium is 55 micrograms, which is quite low compared to some common vitamins such as vitamin e for which the RDA is 15 milligrams or 272 times more. One must be careful not to take too much selenium because of toxicity problems at levels moderately higher than the RDA.

benefits of selenium with brazil nuts

One of the greatest selenium benefits for health and skin care is its role as an antioxidant. This may mean that the selenium benefits can range from cancer prevention to anti-aging, both of which are important issues in healthy skin care.

Some clinical trials have also shown selenium has a role in the prevention of inflammatory skin diseases such as psoriasis and eczema and can help with the prevention of infections.

Selenium plays a role in immune system boosting which may help fight cold sores and shingles caused by the herpes virus.

Other selenium benefits for skin include a role in increasing the rate of skin burn wound healing and treatment of dandruff. 

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