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Butterfly tattoo designs are a very popular tattoo choice especially for women. The butterfly tattoo is popular for a number of reasons. First of all, a wide variety of colors either bright and vibrant or subdued can be used in the design and it still looks realistic. This is because butterflies do come in all sorts of color combinations. Butterfly tattoos offer the opportunity to be very artistic. The wings can be very traditional in appearance or can be shaped in many different ways and with many different patterns, once again not unlike real butterflies.

In terms of the meaning of a butterfly tattoo, it can mean a number of different things. These tattoo designs are often associated with beauty. Other common meanings are change or metamorphosis, a new beginning, or a transformation. Freedom expressed through a butterfly tattoo design is also a very popular theme as well as it being a symbol of youth and a symbol of peace. Like many other tattoo designs, a butterfly may also represent something very personal not necessarily related to the popular themes list above.

Below are some free butterfly designs and more are available with the purchase of the tattoo eBooks below.

beautiful butterfly tattoo design
butterfly tattoo design

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