Foot Tattoos

Foot tattoos are quickly becoming one of the most sought after tattoo designs and the foot is becoming a frequent body part to get tattooed. This growing trend is particularly popular with women. Tattoo designs on the foot include a number of different subject areas such as stars, lettering, symbols of various types, or flowers. Usually, the design is very small because of preference and necessity because of the smaller amount of flat skin surface areas to place the tattoo on. The advantage of a tattoo on the foot is that it can be easily covered up when required.

Problems Associated with Foot Tattoos

Good Tattoo Artists for the Foot are Scarce
First of all, the number of tattoo artists who will do tattoos on the foot and the number of artists who can do them well is limited. This is because of the difficulty in tattooing the feet.

Tattoos on the Foot are Painful
Second, because of the fact that the skin is essentially on bone with little muscle in the foot region, the pain when getting tattooed is more significant than when tattooing other body parts. Also, feet tend to have a lot of sensitive nerve endings and this likely plays a role in the pain scenario as well. Therefore, if you are not good with pain, you should take this factor into serious consideration because it will be difficult to keep still and get a quality tattoo design.

Ink Blur
Another problem that is often mentioned is ink blur. Tattoos in the foot area have been noted as becoming blurry more often than in other areas due to the migration of the ink. It is not certain how significant this is but it is something you should consider when getting a foot tattoo.

Greater Risk of Infection
Tattoos on the foot can lead to a greater risk of infection. This is either because the tattooed area is often left unprotected because the individual walks around barefoot or because feet generally are not kept very clean or are difficult to keep clean and sterile during the healing process. Because of this and other factors, feet tattoos tend to require more healing time.

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