Itchy Bumps Like Bugs Under Skin

by Anonymous

I am so itchy that it is really driving me crazy. I have these bumps all over my skin on my wrists/elbows, arms and legs. These itchy bumps started off looking like bed bug or mosquito bites and then after scratching them they now have a scab on them all. I always feel or get the sensation that something is moving around in my skin. The feeling is just like a bug that is living under my skin.

I have checked the bed for the presence of any bed bugs and there are none around. I have also looked around a lot for any other biting bugs but unfortunately I cannot find anything that may be causing this.

I have never been this itchy in my life. In fact, even my head is itchy. When the itchy bumps first come on they almost look like small welts/hives/or small mosquito bites or something similar to these types of skin conditions. They will appear for no reason, which makes it really frustrating. I could be sitting watching television and then boom an itch comes over me like you would not believe.

As of now, most of the itchy skin bumps have scabs on them and if I scratch them off they bleed horribly. I keep rubbing alcohol on them to prevent any infections or other types of complications. One other thing that is important to note is that I am a Type 2 diabetic and therefore I am worried that something is terribly wrong with my overall health condition.

Can anyone help me? Any information that anyone reading my post can provide would be so appreciated.

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