Dermographism Skin Rash

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Scratched Skin Turns Red and Raised

I think that I also have dermographism skin rash. It started on my back and almost every day I scratched it. I even asked my hubby to scratch it for me because it was so itchy. If you scratch my skin, it turns red and raised but after a while it disappears. I guess mine is not as bad as some of you guys, because I can still apply lipstick, make-up, and other things, but what if it gets worse? I am scared!


Dermographism Skin Rash

I just thought I would drop a line for those who can't stop itching. It has been 10 months now with constant hives and dermographism skin rash. I've had a life-long autoimmune issue and the doctors think this new skin issue is related. I take Doxepin and without it I think I would have gone nuts. It does not cure the hives or skin writing but the itch is much much better. Side effect...I gained 23 lbs, but the choice for me is clear. I want to stop itching and so I take the darn medication and deal with the weight gain.

Talk to your doctor about Doxepin. It is a strong sedative but it has been controlling the itch for me.


Itchy, Welted, and Burning Skin

I have been dealing with my extremely itchy, welted, burning skin for a little over a year now. I was unaware of what it was until I came upon this healthy skin care website and read everyone's blogs describing my exact, ongoing problem. I'M NOT CRAZY! This last year has been complete hell for me. No one understood how miserable I was. My entire body would itch like crazy and then I would be left with my whole body covered in welts. I thought it was just an allergic reaction to something at work (hair salon) or my laundry detergent, so because I am not willing to change my career path, I decided to switch to the most gentle detergent and in doing so, I was a little better. After a short period of time, I would constantly have itch-attacks that would drive me NUTS!

Last night, as I was on here reading about everyone's stories, it was a huge relief that I wasn't the only one with the dermographism skin rash. No one else understands how it made me feel. I honestly believe that I was becoming depressed, especially knowing that there isn't a dermatographism cure. I felt like my itchiness was absolute torture! It was sooo unbearable.

I don't have health insurance, so I have not been seen by any dermatologist, but I know that dermographism skin rash is exactly what I have. A few people posted blogs about antihistamines that their dermatologist recommended and I noticed that Zyrtec worked for a good amount of people, so I bought Zyrtec 24 hour and took it before bed, so that the drowsiness would never affect me and today has been the first day in over a year that I've felt completely normal! I pray that it continues to work for me. I cannot exaggerate how much I appreciate this one day of being itch/welt free.

Thanks to everyone who took the time to post their dermographism skin rash stories. They have been so helpful.


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