Raised Itchy Rash

Raised Itchy Rash and Acupuncture Treatment

A raised itchy rash on your skin can possibly be treated with the acupuncture technique or cupping method. Personally, I have a story just like yours in many respects. I will start cupping and acupuncture treatments next week. I really believe that the cause of this skin disease is a high level of toxins in the body trying to find a way out. Another sufferer of this disease that I know also feels the same way. Although doctors have told me that cupping will not help at all, I will give it a try anyways to see if there will be any improvement. In many ways, I think I am much more informed about my disease than any doctor in the world that does not have dermographism skin problem. A few sufferers or this rash have tried acupuncture and have experienced great improvement. Many doctors are not even aware of this skin conditions and they have never heard of it, let alone be equipped to treat it.

The thing that bothers me the most about this hives disease is not the welts or other physical skin changes, but rather the pain that makes me dysfunctional at times. My skin can welt all it wants, at this point, I do not care. I just want to be able to sleep at night restfully and to stop loosing hair. By the way, one symptom I have that you did not mention is losing a lot of hair. I lose hair from the head the most, not so much the beard though. Hair sheds from the follicles like crazy. I am going nuts! Anyway, I hope some of my comments are helpful to others that have this same skin condition.

Yassir – June 6, 2009

Zyrtec Treatment for Raised Rash

I have had extremely similar raised rash symptoms for at least seven years now. The rash problem is completely controlled by Zyrtec (if I'm not mistaken, that is the marketing name in the US for Cetirizine Hydrochloride) but the raised rash returns the instant Zyrtec fully clears my system (about 18 hours). So I need to be on the Zyrtec all the time.

I have not tried any alternative raised itchy rash treatments, because I am finding the daily pill to be minimally intrusive and effective.

Rick – June 6, 2009

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