Red Bumpy Itchy Rash all Over Body

by Carolyn

I was just diagnosed today. It has only been about 5 weeks and this red bumpy rash is so uncomfortable. I know very little, yet I know I have to make my peace with the situation because it appears it might be around for a while. It is funny, but one of the things that irritates me is that my watch is driving me crazy now. Apparently, it's too much pressure on my skin.

I have never had hives or this red bumpy rash before until I began experiencing these red areas and raised welts. Some of the marks were long red lines. They itch and burn. Sometimes I will feel an area begin to burn and I know that something is going to show up there.

After about two weeks of trying over the counter anything for itching and burning skin, I went to the doctor. He asked a few questions and began treatment by trying out the steroids for hives. I am in the middle of my second round of those. I saw him today and there is no change in the hives. He mentioned dermatagraphism. He drew his thumb nail down my forearm and in just minutes I had that long red welt I know so well. And so it begins.

This page provides information on a natural cure for hives and the dermatographism skin problem.

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