Scabies Causes

What are the scabies causes? The scabies rash is caused by the skin being infested with a scabies mite or several scabies mites.

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Scabies is a very contagious skin problem and therefore close skin-to-skin contact with an infected individual is listed as one of the main causes for scabies. Note that close contact is required and simply being near someone with scabies is not a scabies cause. Quick contact likely will not cause the skin problem. The direct contact requires some sort of prolonged time period, rather than a glancing rub up against an individual with scabies.

It is possible for scabies to be transmitted by contact with contaminated bedding, clothing, towels, or the sharing of other personal items, but this is not as common as direct skin-to-skin contact. Touching a skin area with the scabies problem can lead to the development of the scabies rash in other parts of the body, keeping in mind that the mites prefer the skin fold areas of the body. Sexual contact is a common form of transmission of scabies because of the direct skin-to-skin contact that occurs for a more prolonged period of time than would normally occur in regular day-to-day activities. A person is contagious even though they are not showing any scabies symptoms and this sometimes makes it difficult to zero in on the scabies causes.

Family members often get the scabies rash from each other. Scabies can also become prevalent in areas where there are a lot of individuals in one space such as nursing homes, hospitals, schools, and child daycare facilities. It is a non-specific skin care problem and scabies are relevant to all age groups, races, males, or females. A person’s cleanliness or personal hygiene is also not an issue because the mite will go after clean as well as dirty individuals. It is a skin problem found worldwide.

The scabies rash is caused by the skin’s allergic reaction to the presence of the mites, the eggs they lay, and the waste the mites generate. Symptoms of the scabies rash may not become evident for a few weeks if this is the first infestation of the scabies mites for the individual. In subsequent infestations, the symptoms will appear much quicker and be noticeable within a few days.

Norwegian scabies develop in people that have weak immune systems. This is a more problematic form of the scabies skin problem.

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