Scabies Rash and Prevention

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To prevent a scabies rash from occurring or spreading to other people there are certain prevention steps that can be followed.

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Avoid Skin Contact

Individuals with scabies should avoid prolonged skin-to-skin contact with other individuals. Scabies sufferers should also not touch affected skin areas and then healthy skin areas. This can spread the mites to other areas of the body and result in scabies in these areas.

Treat Individuals in Close Contact with the Scabies Sufferer

The best prevention technique for scabies spreading is to treat all individuals in close contact with the affected individual at the same time as the scabies sufferer. This is necessary because scabies symptoms do not show up immediately and otherwise healthy looking individuals may actually be infested and can pass on scabies to others.

Sanitize the Objects and Environment

The general environment and materials used by the scabies rash sufferer need to be sanitized. Clothes, towels, bedding, etc., that have been in contact with the individual with scabies all need to be washed in hot water and dried in a dryer. A disinfectant may also be used in the clothes washing cycle. This is particularly useful when the clothes will be damaged by heat or hot water washing. An alternative is to isolate possibly infested clothing or other items that cannot be effectively washed in plastic bags for at least one week and perhaps a little longer to be sure. This should be enough time to kill the mites because they will not have a host to feed on during the isolation period.

Although the risk of contracting the scabies skin problem is lower if contact is made with objects, it is still good practice to sanitize the environment where the scabies sufferer resides. This can include, cleaning floors, vacuuming rugs, and disinfecting the shower, tub, and toilet.

Isolate Infested Skin Areas

Affected skin areas need to covered. Regular clothing normally achieves this, but for affected areas that are not covered by clothing, band aids or sterile dressings can be used.

Avoid Scratching

Avoid scratching the affected skin areas. This is often difficult to do because of the intense itch, but scratching can spread the scabies mites and lead to open skin and possibly infection.

Follow Treatment Medication Instructions as Directed

Use the scabies medication that has been prescribed by a physician as directed. This ensures that the scabies rash treatment will be effective as quickly as possible. Rapid and effective treatment will prevent scabies from reoccurring and spreading to healthy individuals.

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