What Does Scabies Look Like?

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What does scabies look like? The symptoms of scabies are well known. The first sign of a scabies skin care problem is the onset of skin itch. The itch is mild at first but gets progressively worse. The itching is usually worse at night than in the day. It also tends to be worse after bathing. The itching can be very intensive and can lead to sleepless nights. Initially, the itch is often mistaken as being a dry skin problem.

Basic Scabies Characteristics

After the initial itching symptom, a skin irritation appears that might resemble a rash, small insect bites, pimples, bumps, or sores similar to blisters. The skin rash or skin sores have the appearance of red curved tracks or burrows, which are caused by the scabies mite tunneling under the skin’s surface. The length of these lines varies and can be up to 15 mm long. The color of the thin lines can be gray, red, or brown. Because these lines are so thin, they are often difficult to see. This is especially true if the area has been scratched. Occasionally, a tiny black speck may be evident at the front part of the track. This is the mite.

Norwegian Scabies Appearance

Scratching the affected area can lead to the skin breaking open leading to crusting of the skin as the open sores begin to heal. Crusting may also be apparent because of the individual suffering from crusted scabies - also known as Norwegian scabies. In this case, the symptoms of scabies include large areas of the skin being covered with a scaly thick rash. The affected area contains many thousand mites and their eggs. The above information should help you to answer the question – what does scabies look like?

What Does Scabies Look Like on Different Parts of the Body?

The areas of body affected by scabies can be quite extensive but depends on the age of the person. For example, in children, the target areas normally include the scalp, face, neck, soles of the feet, and the palm of the hands. In adults, the areas of the body affected are the armpits, around the breasts in women, inside of the elbow areas, between the fingers or toes, around the waist, on the knees, on the shoulder blades, genital area in men, buttocks area, and on the inside of the wrists - generally, the fold areas or skin crevasses of the body. Under items such as belts and watches are also common target areas. These areas and skin folds tend to be warmer than the rest of the body and the mites prefer this environment. The symptoms of scabies can often be found in these areas.

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