Serious Skin Care Products

Serious skin care products are a skincare line of products that deal with a variety of skin problems. The product line was developed by an esthetician (Lesa Stock) and an international model (Jennifer Lavin-Stallone). Clinical and research studies stand behind the skin products sold by Serious. No testing was ever performed on animals in the development of these skin products.

The products are versatile and can be used by women and men. They are not focussed on skin tone or color, but rather skin type. Products to be used should only be chosen based on the skin type of the individual.

Serious skin care products were initially solely dedicated to dealing with acne skin problems, but now the products are a much more diverse hypoallergenic line. The serious skincare products are focussed on the following skin care areas:

  • Anti Aging Skin Care – Creams, facials, masks, and cleansers to deal with the aging of skin.
  • Skin Over 40 Years of Age – A variety of skin care products specially formulated for the special needs of skin over 40 years of age.
  • Dry or Stressed Skin – Olive oil skin products to deal with this common skin problem.
  • Lift and Refirm – Products to lift and refirm skin to help with sagging skin problems especially as individuals age.
  • Acne Control Products – A common skin care problem for teens and adults is addressed by the acne product line from Serious.
  • Other Skin Care Products – Products for sensitive skin, oily or combination skin, normal or universal skin.
  • Quality fragrance, cosmetic, and bath and body skin products are also available.

Many of the products are synthetic fragrance free. Products with fragrances contain natural or essential oils only.

This specialty line of products cannot be purchased in a department store.

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