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This skin care product reviews page provides an individual skin care review for several skin care companies.

The field of skin care is heavily populated with manufacturers of skin care products and justifiably so. Skin is a very important element in overall good health. Skin is also an important element for overall personal grooming, appearance, and beauty.

The general impression worldwide is that skin care is only a concern for women. However, men, teenagers, and children, in addition to women, all suffer from skin care problems such as dry skin, oily skin, sensitive skin, acne, and many other skin conditions. For this reason, a skin care company generally targets many of these groups with their product lines. This is not true for all companies. Some skin care companies, specifically target one segment of the population or one specific skin care problem.

Skin Care Companies

It is difficult to know of all the skin care companies that exist. It is also difficult to know what each company offers and what the skin care philosophy is of the company. Does the skin care company focus on standard skincare products? Does it focus on holistic skin care, natural organic skin care, or anti-aging skin care? Is it concentrated on one specific skin care problem such as acne, eczema, psoriasis, etc.? Without skin care product reviews, much of what is being offered by skin care companies is going unnoticed and this is rather unfortunate. Many companies are offering quality products that can be very effective in helping various skin conditions and skin problems, but individuals are not aware that these products or the companies exist.

To help with this confusion and to help individuals searching for proper skin care to satisfy their needs, is compiling an individual skin care review for skin care companies. Some of the skin care company names may seem familiar to you, whereas others you likely never knew even existed.

The key to proper skin care is to have product options. This skin care review page has been created to provide information and allow individuals to be aware of the many options being offered for healthy skin care. Many different and unique skin products other than those commonly seen in stores are available.




Epicuren Skin Care

Skin care product reviews for Epicuren skin care are provided in this section. Epicuren products use pure and natural ingredients that are both very active and gentle on the skin at the same time. The products are considered some of the most effective anti-aging products in the industry and excellent at reducing the common signs of skin aging.

A unique feature of Epicuren skin products is that many of the products incorporate a proprietary Advanced Enzyme Technology. The enzyme proteins used specifically target the skin cells in the dermis layer. The cellular activity of the dermal skin cells is accelerated or stimulated by the action of the enzymes leading to self-rejuvenation of the skin. The result is that the Epicuren products stimulate natural moisture production and youthful aspects of the skin cells. Products are also available without the enzyme component for other types of skin care problems.

The main product is the Epicuren Discovery System. This six-step enzyme treatment system includes a deep facial cleanser, a facial scrub, an enzyme conditioner, an enzyme concentrate, an enzyme gel, and finally a light high quality moisturizer for daytime use.

Other important skincare products available are the Epicuren facial masks, which are based on a treatment containing herbal components and protein enzymes. Use of the facial products benefit the skin by improving its firmness, elasticity, color, and texture. Because the product is so gentle on the skin there is no downtime whatsoever in using it. There even is no sun sensitivity after treatment and normal activities can be resumed immediately. These epicuren skin care facial products are ideal for premature aging of skin and skin that has suffered sun damage.

Other Epicuren Skin Care Products

  • spa and various bath items
  • enzyme complex treatments
  • restorative skin treatments
  • youthteen skincare – a product line that is specifically formulated for teens
  • skintopia epicurenman – these are products specifically formulated for men
  • prescription skin treatments
  • epicuren uv protection – effective sun protection for your skin to help prevent skin aging and skin cancer
  • cosmetics line
  • aromatherapy

Mary Kay Skin Care Product Reviews

Mary Kay Skin Care and Mary Kay Cosmetics are part of the Mary Kay product line. This company was founded in 1963 by Mary Kay Ash. It is a direct selling company or in other words products are not sold in retail stores but instead through distributors or independent beauty consultants. The main headquarters is in Addison Texas in the United States. Addison is a suburb of Dallas Texas. Skin care product reviews for this company are provided below.

Mary Kay is a very successful skin care and cosmetics company. Sales in the year 2007 reached an amazing 2.4 billion dollars worth, generated from a sales force of over 1.8 billion independent distributors. Products are sold worldwide in more than 35 markets. Mary Kay products are sold in countries such as: United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Australia, Brazil, China, Germany, Czech Republic, Russia, India, Sweden, Poland, Mexico, Portugal, Hong Kong, Singapore, and several other countries.

The line includes Mary Kay cosmetics and Mary Kay products and most of the products are developed, manufactured, and packaged by Mary Kay’s own plants in Dallas and in China. The company stresses product safety as its highest priority. This is backed by a team of scientists, which test each ingredient in the products and consult with dermatologists and medical experts to ensure not only safety but quality and optimum effectiveness. An average year results in more than 300,000 tests and the testing is not conducted on animals.

The Mary Kay skin care line includes anti-aging products, cleansers, moisturizers, basic skin care products, men’s skin care products, lip and eye care, and more. Spa and body products such as various body care items and a sun care collection are available as well. Fragrances for women and men are available as well as an extensive cosmetic line. Mary Kay cosmetics include makeup for the eyes, lips, cheeks, foundations, concealers, and many other products.

Other skin care product reviews can be found below.




More Skin Care Product Reviews

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