Mederma Skin Care

Mederma skin care is the number one doctor recommended and pharmacist recommended skin product for scars. It is a product line produced by Merz Pharmaceuticals, which is active in more than 100 countries worldwide.

Merz prides itself on innovative healthy solutions that improve an individual’s self-esteem and quality of life. Removal of scars with a product like Mederma helps to achieve the Merz company goal.

Two Main Mederma Skin Products

The two main Mederma skin products are called Mederma and Mederma for Kids. These products alter the texture of scars making them softer and smoother. The color of the scar is also faded leading to a less noticeable scar. The product is a greaseless and colorless topical gel that utilizes a botanical extract called Cepalin (derived from onions) as the active ingredient. Onions have long been used to treat various skin problems, soften hardened skin tissue, and reduce skin inflammation. Mederma products are not only easy to use, but unnoticeable when being used as well.

Scar and Stretch Marks Treatment

Mederma is ideal for almost any type of scar whether it is a hypertrophic or keloid type scar. Mederma skin product can be used on scars from surgical procedures, cuts, scrapes, burns, and insect bites. Mederma is suitable for acne scar skin care as well. Finally, the product can be used to make stretch marks less noticeable. The visibility of stretch marks is a common complaint for women and men and therefore, a product that helps fade them is welcomed. However, Mederma stretch marks treatment is only for newly formed stretch marks. Those stretch marks that are silver white in color do not change much with the application of the product. Other stretch marks that are pink, reddish brown, or dark brown in color will improve with Mederma skincare product.

The effectiveness of these products is not affected by the age of the scar. So whether the scar is old or new, Mederma can help reduce its appearance. Some studies have emphasized the effectiveness of the Mederma skin care product for scars. After eight weeks of use, 76% or patients indicated that their scar was much less noticeable than before use of the product.

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