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Dr Hauschka skin care prides itself on being a completely different type of skin care company when compared to all the others. This holistic skin care company states that it is not driven by greed, but rather powered by compassion. Company success is evaluated by the difference it is able to make for individuals and the communities they live in. The company’s main philosophy is their holistic approach to skin care starting from their products to their treatment methods and even down to the business practices they follow.

Dr Hauschka has been a leader in the holistic skin care industry since 1967. The company is focussed on plant-based healing remedies and creating plant extracts that maintain the vital forces and powerful healing properties that exist in the living plant. These plant extracts are then incorporated in skin care products without the use of alcohol or artificial preservatives.

Another key focus of this holistic skin care company is that healthy skin is a direct indication of the status of a person’s internal physical health and emotional well being. Keeping this in mind, skin products are designed to restore skin health and beauty by supporting overall good health. Therefore, part of the skin care regime for Dr Hauschka skincare is proper diet and exercise, which are both very important factors.

Dr Hauschka skin care chooses ingredients carefully in their product formulations. Factors that are considered include the ramifications on the earth, impact on clients, whether the ingredients were obtained from an ecologically and ethically sound source, and how ingredients interact with each other. Each ingredient in a product plays an important role in the overall product performance and they is carefully researched.

Many of the botanical ingredients for Hauschka skin products come from certified Biodynamic (a holistic way of growing plants) gardens, which have been in existence and maintained for more than sixty years. No animal testing is performed in the development of Dr Hauschka skin products.

Dr Hauschka Skin Care Product Line

The actual Hauschka skin product line consists of a large variety of products that include products for the face (cleansing, toning, moisturizing, eyes, masks, lips), body care (moisturizers, deodorants, body oil, products for the hands and feet, body powders), cosmetics (face, eyes, lips), bath and shower (body washes, aromatherapy baths), sun care, and more.

These products are worth a look, if you are into holistic skin care products.

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