Epicuren Skin Care

Epicuren skin care products use pure and natural ingredients that are both very active and gentle on the skin at the same time. The products are considered some of the most effective anti-aging products in the industry and excellent at reducing the common signs of skin aging.

A unique feature of Epicuren skin products is that many of the products incorporate a proprietary Advanced Enzyme Technology. The enzyme proteins used specifically target the skin cells in the dermis layer. The cellular activity of the dermal skin cells is accelerated or stimulated by the action of the enzymes leading to self-rejuvenation of the skin. The result is that the Epicuren products stimulate natural moisture production and youthful aspects of the skin cells. Products are also available without the enzyme component for other types of skin care problems.

The main product is the Epicuren Discovery System. This six-step enzyme treatment system includes a deep facial cleanser, a facial scrub, an enzyme conditioner, an enzyme concentrate, an enzyme gel, and finally a light high quality moisturizer for daytime use.

Other important skincare products available are the Epicuren facial masks, which are based on a treatment containing herbal components and protein enzymes. Use of the facial products benefit the skin by improving its firmness, elasticity, color, and texture. Because the product is so gentle on the skin there is no downtime whatsoever in using it. There even is no sun sensitivity after treatment and normal activities can be resumed immediately. These epicuren skin care facial products are ideal for premature aging of skin and skin that has suffered sun damage.

Other Epicuren Skin Care Products

  • spa and various bath items
  • enzyme complex treatments
  • restorative skin treatments
  • youthteen skincare – a product line that is specifically formulated for teens
  • skintopia epicurenman – these are products specifically formulated for men
  • prescription skin treatments
  • epicuren uv protection – effective sun protection for your skin to help prevent skin aging and skin cancer
  • cosmetics line
  • aromatherapy

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