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Natural advantage skin care makes use of the natural advantage system to help reverse the signs of skin aging, especially those caused by sun damage. This skincare line uses high concentrations of Retinol or in other words pure vitamin A.

The natural advantage skincare system uses a patented technology called Microsponge to deliver the Retinol and the other active ingredients to the skin cells slowly over several hours.

A clinical study has shown skin improvement in 95 percent of women in just fourteen days of using the Natural Advantage System. With eight weeks of use, positive results included less fine lines and wrinkles, less visible age spots, smaller-looking pores, and overall better and healthier looking skin.

Natural Advantage Daily Cleansing Gel

A major benefit of this skin product line is the ease of use. The Natural Advantage System is basically a two-step process for morning and then night time. In the morning, the Daily Cleansing Gel product is used. This is an effective cleanser that removes excess oils from the skin and also nourishes the skin. It is a very gentle cleanser that can be used to remove makeup as well, even around the eyes.

Natural Advantage All Day Moisture

After cleansing, the Natural Advantage All Day Moisture product is used. This moisturizer contains vitamin e, Panthenol (vitamin b complex), and exfoliating alpha hydroxy compounds so that the skin renews itself during the day. Finally, the All Day Moisture product provides sun protection up to SPF 15 to help decrease the aging of the skin and damage caused by daily sun exposure.

Nighttime Renewal Complex

At night, the Natural Advantage Nighttime Renewal Complex is applied after the cleansing gel is used once again. This is where the Microsponge technology provides the skin with Retinol to accelerate the renewal of the skin while you sleep. This product produces smoother looking skin by reducing the appearance of wrinkles and fine lines.

Ultimate Hydration Cream

An additional product in the Natural Advantage skin care line is the Ultimate Hydration Cream. This product contains exotic oils, plant extracts, and shea butter that are able to increase the moisture content of the skin by up to 33 percent for several hours after initial application.

Natural Advantage Skin Care Other Products

Other products by Natural Advantage include a Nighttime Renewal for Eyes product, a Hydrating Eye Treatment, a Firming and Lifting Neck Treatment, a Gentle Rejuvenating Scrub, and finally a Pore Refining Skin Toner.

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