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Aveda skin care products emphasize green ingredients. The company motto is - "The Art and Science of Pure Flower and Plant Essences."

Aveda Skin Care Green Ingredients

Now what does green ingredients actually refer to or mean? Well, according to the Aveda ingredient policy that is found on their website, the term green ingredients incorporates a number of factors. Because of the importance that Aveda places on this aspect, it is worth reviewing some elements of their ingredient policy. Green ingredients to Aveda means the following:

  • Skin care products that are made only from renewable, sustainable, or organic plant-based sources.
  • No petrochemical mineral based ingredients are used in their skin products.
  • The removal of the plants that are used in their products will not harm the ecosystem of the region from where the plants came from.
  • All products are biodegradable.
  • The process used in the manufacturing of the skin products is environmentally friendly.
  • In addition, no animal testing is used in the development of their products.

Aveda Natural Ingredients

The natural ingredients used in the many Aveda skin and other aveda salon products are impressive and diverse. Examples of these all-natural ingredients are: acacia, algae, aloe, annatto, avocado, babassu, beeswax, beetroot, bergamot, bilberry, black tea, blue camomile, burdock, buriti, cedar, clary sage, cocoa bean, coconut, coneflower, green tea, honey, jasmine, mango, orchid, pennywort, petitgrain, pine, red clover, sweet grass, and several others.

In addition to using green ingredients, Aveda emphasizes environmentally friendly manufacturing practices such as using wind energy for electricity and minimizing the amount of packaging used in its products which benefits the environment greatly.

Aveda Skin and Hair Product Lines

Aveda products exist for hair care, hair styling, make-up, and perfume. There is also a speciality men’s line. In addition, there are aveda products specifically for the skin. Aveda skin care products include: cleansers, toners, products to correct certain skin problems such as acne, moisturizers, skin protecting formulas, skin exfoliating products, shave products, and sun care.

These professional products are used in salons and spas worldwide and are available through the salons and from many other sources.

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