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Dr denese skin care is a line of products that focus on fighting the effects of aging skin and providing products that differ substantially from the usual cosmetic companies. This whole concept is known as The Denese Difference and stresses products based on medical science and not marketing hype.

Denese Skin Care Information

The founder of this skin care product line is Adrienne Denese who is a medical doctor and also the founder of the Manhattan Anti-Aging Clinic. Her products use advanced and very active ingredients that have been proven clinically to be very effective at doing what they are intended to do.

There are three keys to the Denese skin products. The first key is the use of higher concentrations of the active ingredients in the skin care products. Concentrations are higher than even the most expensive skincare products. The second key is that the important ingredients in each product work well together or in other words are very compatible. The third is the use of serums. Serums work well to transport the active ingredients into the skin as opposed to creams, which generally do not penetrate as well.

Dr. Denese preaches exfoliation to prepare the skin for the later steps, use of penetrating serum to allow the active ingredients into the skin, and then moisturization.

Dr Denese Skin Care Product Line

The denese skin care product line-up includes products for:

Products include a gentle BHA cleanser, a hydrating cleanser, and a pore refining toner.

Products include microdermabrasion creams and skin firming pads that exfoliate and firm the skin.

Skin Stimulating
Dr denese skin products in this category include a growth factor serum, pore reducing serum, eye wrinkle smoother, lip wrinkle smoother, and more.

Skin Building
Hydroshield serums for the hands, face, eye area, neck, and body.

Skin Sealing
Some products in this category include a firming facial age corrector cream and a night recovery cream.

Skin Protection
Products with uv protection to protect the skin while helping to moisturize it and prevent wrinkles.

MediSpa Home Treatments
Facial peels and microdermabrasion creams for your anti-aging needs.

Treatment Based Cosmetics
Dr Denese skin care offers cosmetic products that instead of damaging skin actually treat the skin as they beautify.

Denese products are clinically proven to moisturize, hydrate skin, increase elasticity, and reduce fine lines and wrinkles. No animal testing was performed in testing these skin products.

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