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The Zia skin care company was first established in the United States in San Francisco back in 1984. Zia natural skincare is a leader in the natural skin care products field with its large product line.

The main philosophy at Zia is not a complex one. The company is fully dedicated to offering its customers a natural alternative to the many mass-produced skin care products that are available on the market nowadays.

The problem with these types of products is that they do not contain top quality ingredients and they often do not contain all-natural ingredients. These lower end products often contain many ingredients that instead of helping the skin are actually damaging the skin because they are very harsh and untested.

Natural skin care products from Zia are unique because their composition and effective ingredients are truly all natural. Zia skin products contain essential vitamins for healthy skin, antioxidants to neutralize free radicals and combat skin aging and skin damage, and various other natural nutrients, which are essential for proper and healthy skin care. These ingredients are obtained from food products, essential oils, and herb extracts, and are precisely blended together to create potent, effective, and natural skin care products. Natural ingredients are not foreign to the skin and body and therefore work better with them when these products are properly formulated, unlike the situation with artificial ingredients.

Care is taken to ensure that the ingredients used in Zia products are non-irritating and not harmful to the skin. No harsh chemicals are used. No artificial colors are found in the ingredient lists. No artificial fragrances are used as well. These are the usual elements that cause skin sensitivity to skin products for many people whether they have sensitive skin or not.

The Zia natural skincare product line is quite broad and includes many different types of products. This company offers products such as cleansers, toners, firming lotions, wrinkle creams and lotions to combat the signs of aging, moisturizers for dry skin, exfoliants, renewal creams, facial masks, intensive serums, night treatments, microdermabrasion products, body care products for dry skin, oily skin, hands, feet, and body, sunscreens, sunless tanning lotions, cosmetics, and even men’s skin care products.

Zia Skin Care Product Availability

Zia natural skin care products are available in the North American market, more specifically, the United States and in Canada. No testing is performed on animals in the development of Zia products. All products are also produced to be environmentally friendly.

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