3 Day Face Lift 

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Confused about the 3 day face lift? Well, many people refer to the three day face lift, but what does it mean?

The three day facelift generally refers to two types of systems to eliminate or reduce the signs of aging. The first is a surgical procedure and the second is a specific food diet.

Surgical Procedure

This version of the three day face lift is also known as the weekend face lift. Generally, this type of surgical facelift takes approximately two hours. Due to the use of specialized surgical procedures such as the use of very small incisions, the recovery time is usually short with less pain, bruising, and swelling. Only local anaesthetic is used and this also contributes to a short recovery time with few side effects. Liposuction and some cosmetic anti-wrinkle injections may also be used as part of the 3 day facelift procedure.

The cost of the 3 day face lift is significantly less than a full surgical face lift. The results are not as drastic as a full surgical facelift procedure, but the 3 day face lift still provides subtle but noticeable differences that patients find pleasing. In most cases, faces can look 8 to 10 years younger.

Common target areas for this 3 day face lift procedure include the lines from the nose to the mouth area, removing jowls, cheek elevation, removing excess skin and fat from the face and neck areas, and tightening of facial muscles. Suitable candidates for this procedure are in the 30 to 60 year old range.

The term weekend facelift refers to the fact that the patient can have the procedure on Friday and be back at work on Monday. However, strenuous activities such as going to the gym, should be postponed for about 2 to 3 weeks.

3 Day Face Lift with no Surgical Procedure and Using a Specific Diet

This diet was developed by Dr. Perricone. The basis of this anti-aging technique for the skin is that diet is a major factor that determines how the skin ages. The biggest influences responsible for visible skin aging are diets that are high in sugars, fats, and starches, which act to damage the structural proteins of the skin. Because these skin proteins are damaged, the skin is more likely to sag and form wrinkles.

Dr. Perricone claims that by following a specific nutritional facelift diet for 3 days, the visual appearance of the face will be improved. Puffiness will be eliminated, facial contours will be move evident, and a firmer jaw line will develop.

The 3 day face lift diet consists of eating wild Alaskan salmon because it contains plenty of omega-3 fatty acid. Farm raised salmon could still be used, but contains less of the omega-3 and therefore may not be as effective. Omega-3 helps increase skin radiance, firmness, and glow. Several anti-oxidant rich vegetables such as spinach and fruits such as blueberries, strawberries, raspberries, and cranberries are also part of the diet. Antioxidants and omega-3 help prevent the premature aging of skin. Foods such as pasta, rice, and bread are eliminated for the 3 days.

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