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Historically, mens skin care has not been a large market and most of the skin care companies focused their efforts, marketing, and product lines to women. The reason for this is because men generally have not been concerned about skin care for their face and the rest of their bodies. It has not been a priority for men and any thought of paying attention to their skin was mistakenly viewed as being unmanly.

However, times are changing and adjustments are being made on all fronts. In 2004, the men's skin care market was only one to two percent of the total skin care market. Over the past year, mens skin care has been the fastest growing segment in personal care. Some statistics show that men’s skincare products grew by 16% last year, compared to only 5% for all other skin care product lines.

Men are realizing that care of their skin is not only essential for overall good health and for preventing diseases, but it can also lead to a happier and more successful life in their careers, relationships, and other life elements.

Comparing Men's and Women's Skin

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The first important point to realize when discussing men’s skin care is that the skin of men and women differs in several ways. For a skin comparison of the skin of the two sexes, please visit this page. Despite the noted differences, general skin care is similar for both. Please visit the healthy skin care home page for general information on skin care.

Shaving Mens Skin Care Information

When you mention men and skin in the same breath, the first topic that comes to mind is shaving. For a majority of men, shaving is a daily ritual and therefore an important element form men when it comes to healthy skin care. It is no wonder that most mens skin care products and information for men is focused on the face and shaving. Men are always trying to find the best way to get the perfect pain-free and non-irritating shave. Shaving is a stressful procedure for the skin on the face to endure. However, following proper shaving procedures can minimize damage and irritation.

In addition to following the correct procedures, proper shaving also involves other elements. What type of shaving razor should you use? The answer to this question is critical if a good have is desired. What type of shaving cream is best is also an important question. Are aftershaves recommended for proper mens skin care or are they just all about marketing hype? All of these questions are important to consider for proper face skincare for men.

The last element of shaving and problems associated with shaving is ingrown hair. Reading tips for preventing ingrown hair can prevent them and the discomfort caused by them.

Hair Removal for Men

A fast-growing trend nowadays for many men is male hair removal. More and more men are keeping body hair trimmed or removed completely and there are various hair removal methods that can be used. Specific recommendations on male pubic hair removal can be found at this pubic hair removal page.

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