Allergic Hives

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Hives and Skin Sensitivity Caused by Alcohol

by Anonymous
(San Antonio, Texas)

Allergic hives and redness of the skin and red welts have been my skin care problem for the past week. I am a 25-year-old male. I have broken out maybe once or twice in the past with this condition but it usually goes away with Benadryl.

It started with itching on my arms one day and then waking up to small irritated bumps. I have been consuming alcohol about four or five days out of the week since I was 20 and all of a sudden now my skin has become sensitive to where if I break out a little into allergic hives it will not go away on its own. If I do not scratch the area, it is irritating but if I consume one alcoholic beverage, I break out severely on the upper torso area and have to take Benadryl immediately.

I have changed detergent soap and body soap and I am not sure what is causing this but I did just recover from a previous staph infection and was taking Atarax due to a break out. Due to the previous treatment medication, I am not sure if these hives have something to do with it but I hope to find out real soon.

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Allergic Hives and Stress

man with red itchy allergic hives on forearm

by Sandy

When I feel a bit tense or experience a small change in blood pressure and there is climatic change then red spots appear on my body. My body temperature gets drastically raised after few minutes and I get a feeling like I am falling sleep. My body returns to normal condition in 10 to 15 minutes. A picture of my allergy hives rash is above.

Nickel Allergy Causing Hives

by Katrina

I have a feeling my dermographism was triggered by an allergic reaction. In August 2006, I got engaged and I had a ring especially designed and made in white gold. I developed a reaction to my ring about a month after wearing it every day. I have concluded that I must be allergic to the nickel added to make the yellow gold white, as I have never had a problem with yellow gold before. Have you experienced any reaction with metals?

I may have had a similar reaction with metals. About the time when my dermatographism started, I used to get allergic hives and blisters behind my ears where my eyeglass frames touched the skin. At first, I thought it was just the friction causing the dermatographism to act up. However, I noticed that the paint coating on the frames was chipped in some areas and bare metal was exposed. The skin was blistering where the metal was contacting the skin. Once I replaced the frames, no more blistering or redness behind the ears, but I still have dermatographism. It could be that the nickel allergic reaction contributed to the development of the dermatographism.

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Hives, Dermatographism, and Ibuprofen

by Fred
(United States)

In 1996, I had some tennis elbow and went to my primary care physician to get some help. He told me to take OTC Ibuprofen 800 mg/day/three times a day. I went home, found a bottle of 100 mg, and took one pill. That night I developed allergic hives and with my fingers swelling it was so bad I could not type and work.

I had hives and red streaking on my legs or arms or anywhere I ran my fingernail. I took some Benadryl and it did nothing. It did not even make me sleepy. I went to the hospital emergency room and had a shot and then next day, another shot. I finally went to my physician again and he said Hypergraphism and gave me Zyrtec. I asked how long it would bother me. He said I would have it the rest of my life. That was 13 years ago and I still have it and still take Zyrtec. The reaction I experienced in the early days, the allergic hives and severe itching, began to slowly get a little better from the lower to the higher part of my body.

Today, the streaking is gone but it is in my head. My ears itch, my scalp itches, my eyes water, my nose runs, and it does not matter what month it is or where I go. I live in the midwest United States. I have two house dogs. I really think the original bottle of Ibuprofen I used was tainted. I know I cannot take Anaprox and certain NSAIDS. My doctor said something upset my immune system.

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