Antibiotic Rash and Sun Exposure

by Adrienne
(Saugerties NY)

It all started the day I sat in the shade for 30 minutes, reading a book. I was completely covered except for my face. I did not apply sun block as it was mild and I was completely in the shade. I had just started an antibiotic two days earlier to treat the diarrhea problem that I got from another antibiotic I was taking for Cellulitis the week before. The first antibiotic I was taking was Augmentin and the second was Metrodinazol, which is commonly known as Flagyl.

I was fine that day until the end of the night while getting ready for bed. I noticed that my face was red and very warm, and I had swollen up around my nose, mouth and forehead. My husband took me to the emergency room where I was diagnosed as having had some kind of allergic reaction. I was given some Benadryl shots and was sent home.

Over the next few days, the swelling went down on my face, but I was left with terribly dry skin and a very chapped upper lip. I got some heavy duty facial cream and have been slathering it on for three days now. It is helping, but my upper lip is still chapped and almost numb. Even some medicated lip balm is not helping.

Following this, I then developed a rash of sorts on my inner arms, neck, breasts, and back. It is not itchy, and it is not red. It looks like I have a permanent case of goose bumps. The bumps are small and they are raised and it is not showing signs of getting better or going away. I stopped taking the antibiotic last Saturday, the 7th of May.

I have not changed my laundry detergent recently, and I take a daily dose of Loratadine for allergies. I am at a loss. Can someone please tell me what this skin problem can possibly be and how do I treat it? I have had nothing but trouble since the middle of April with Cellulitis, severe diarrhea and now the rash. I am at my wits end!

I think I may have had a reaction to the ultraviolet rays of the sun while on the antibiotics. Does anyone want to or can anyone comment on this skin rash problem?

The diagnose my skin rash page contains information on many different types of skin rashes including rashes caused by the sun, cellutitis rash, and antibiotic skin rashes. This page can be found at the following link.

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