Bee Venom and Bee Stings and Dermatographism

by Anonymous

I am a nineteen year old male who has experienced Dermatographism for as long as I can remember. But just today, I realized that my condition has completely vanished. You see, when I'm really bored or cannot sleep, I'll scratch a little pattern or figurative image into my arm or stomach and wait for it to pop up just to kill time and because I am an artist, this bad habit amuses me. I also love showing my friends my peculiar skin condition and it's a great way to break the ice with the ladies. But now my beloved Dermatographism is gone! And I think I know why...Bees.

Not two months ago, my grandparents started keeping bees and of course I wanted to join in on it. I managed to go a long time without getting stung. But then I did. I knew it would happen though so it didn't really bother me. It really didn't even hurt too bad. Now a week before I was stung, I clearly remember having symptoms. I was playing with my dog and received multiple scratches all along my forearms which raised up and showed all the tell tale signs of dermatographism. When I got stung, it was really itchy for a day but then it was totally fine the next day. But seven days later, the stung area grew to be very inflamed and itchy. Next day, perfectly fine.

And now...about two weeks more Dermatographism. What's up with that? It could be because of the bee sting or it could be some completely different reason. I don't know. But I have heard of bee venom having very beneficial medicinal properties. It's a mystery to me. And I kinda miss my Dermatographism.

Moderator's note. Bee stings can potentially be fatal to some individuals due to severe allergic reaction. Discuss any such remedy with a doctor.

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