Blistering Painful Sores Skin Rash

by Nancy
(Elk River, MN, US)

I have been battling a major skin issue for almost a year. This skin problem has progressively gotten worse over the year. My recent diagnosis is dermatitis herpetiformis, which is a chronic blistering skin disease that is intensely itchy, but I have my doubts that this is what I actually have. For the treatment of this skin condition, I have been on Dapsone 100 mg for two weeks but with no relief. Usually, treatment of dermatitis herpetiformis with this antibacterial medication produces relief with two to three days and that is one reason why I think I have been misdiagnosed. I also have been on a gluten-free diet and have changed all my makeup, soaps, lotions, etc. to gluten-free. However, I keep getting new blistering sores, very badly on my face in the areas of the chin, jaw line, nose, eyebrows, and hairline. The blisters that I have on my skin can be easily flattened with a fingernail. Some of the skin blisters are tiny and some are rather large in size.

I am at my wits end and do not know what to do about this blistering skin rash problem. I put tea tree oil on the sores, which helps with the ones that itch. I have recently noticed this week the appearance of tiny new red dots that itchy horribly! These tiny red dots are on my arms, legs, and trunk. I cannot leave the sores alone and unfortunately keep scratching at them and try to relieve some of the pain caused by the blisters. This is ruling my life and I am not able to function properly at all. If anyone has any useful information on whether this is dermatitis herpetiformis or some other skin condition, please post a comment. I would also like to know if anyone has any recommendations for an effective treatment for this blistering skin rash.

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Mar 03, 2013
Tiny, itchy, blister-like, little red bumps

I have these little red (they don't start out red, they only get red after scratching) bumps, mostly on my forearms, my legs from the knee down in patches, a few on my chest and a couple on my face. I have had them for a couple of months now and they don't seem to want to go away. I have had them before a couple of years ago when I was on treatment for a liver disease (which I can happily say that I no longer have after a hellish year of treatment which I am eternally grateful for, so it wouldn't be related to that). But, having said that, the first time I had these bumps was when I was on the treatment for my liver disease.

I have a wrist tattoo which at first swelled up and almost looked like it was 3-D and then all these little bumps appeared. I have tried cortisone creams which helps with the itch and seems to "dry" them up but then I am left with these scabs that stay forever and scar when they finally heal. It seems like for every one that goes away, another replaces it. I hate them and feel diseased and hate that other people can see them.

I also have Celiac's Disease that I was diagnosed with last year so I am gluten free as much as possible. I also have PCOS which I take Metformin for and a Vitamin D deficiency which I take Vitamin D for and recently have found out that I am now also Lactose intolerant. I have been on these medications for a year now and these bumps have only come out a few months ago.

I'm not sure what relation to any of these the bumps would have but it would be nice to know. Doctors just say it's a food allergy which I don't know if I agree with or not and am very frustrated with it. Does anyone have anything similar to this and if so do you have any advice? Thanks!

Mar 10, 2012
Blistering Skin Rash
by: Anonymous

I can't believe I am finding similar people in need as I am. I am lying in bed now trying not to touch my various areas: arm, belly, an now slowly a patch on my boob.I too need desperate help!

Nov 07, 2011
Same Rash and Some Remedies
by: Anonymous

I cannot believe no one has replied to your post. I get a similar rash. I was gluten free three years and it did nothing.

I have tried prescription antihistamines, Miocycline, cortisone, IPL, Elidel, tea tree oil, skin needling, eucalyptus, lavender, and a stack of over the counter itch products. Nothing really works all that well. No one can even tell me what it is.

It is impossible not to scratch and I have scarring from it. I have tried wearing gloves and cutting my nails but I still wake up bloody but with bruises on top of the affected area from scratching harder in my sleep. I usually get heavy duty sleeping tablets from the doctor and knock myself out for the worst of it. It is unbearable.

The best result I have had is washing with a hypoallergenic (dermatologist approved) product and every few hours splashing cool water on the rash and using ice/cold packs. Miocycline cuts down the duration of the skin rash and the Elidel helps prevent scarring. Topical anesthetic works for a while but stings going on.

I found using a skin needling tool (the shallow one for at home use to help products absorb) relieves the itching better than scratching and doesn't scar as badly but the biggest problem I have with it is the welts are cyclic. I just break the skin and new ones have already stared to come up. The cycle lasts 3+ weeks at a time and sometimes back to back. Some things make it worse but there is no trigger that I can find.

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