Fluid Filled Skin Hives

by T J

In 2007, due to a very stressful job, I developed shingles. It seems from that point on, my skin in certain places has never been the same. The first time my skin broke out I was going through a financially tough time. I didn't realize it was a stress related breakout. I thought I had a bacteria or fungus. Every cream prescribed by my doctor did not help. That's when I realized it probably wasn't a bacteria or fungus. I then decided I was allergic to something but after many months of looking for the culprit I was still stumped because the breakouts were inconsistent.

One day I was in a confrontational situation with a co-worker, which was highly stressful and uncomfortable for me, when I realized I was scratching at my hand. It started as one single hive and suddenly developed into a bunch of hives. They were clear, fluid-filled and the only way the itching would stop was if they were scratched until they broke open. I am now aware that anything from running late to stressful traffic, and even my children will cause me to break out. The breakout occurs on my hands between the thumb and the forefinger. It happens on only one hand at a time, never both. It seems to switch hands, too. For instance, the left hand will clear up and then the next stressful moment will cause hives on the other hand. It is bizarre to me. It's also embarrassing, because it looks like I have some sort of disease when it occurs. It's almost like having a mini shingles breakout on my hands. I once had it on my neckline, but have not had a reoccurence.

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Blisters or Boils on Face Skin Rash

by Anonymous

About 5 months ago I woke up in the middle of the night and felt an irritation on the side of my nose The next morning when I woke up, I had a red spot, about the size of a sunflower seed, on the side of my nose. The next day it turned into a blister, boil, pimple (not sure what to call it), and it had some pus and clear liquid in it.

I washed my face and the blister broke. The next day it was red and two days later it dried up. I though to myself great the blister or boil has gone. However, ten days later I got another one on the side of my nose, same type of blister or boil as described above but not in the same place as before. Afterwards, I got another pimple under the eye but it never blistered, it just stayed red. About three weeks ago this red spot under my eye blistered and behaved as I have previously described. This has progressed to the top of my head so that all of my head and face are being affected by these red skin blisters or boils.

The doctor cannot seem to find a cause or a reason why I have these blisters on my skin but I keep getting them. The next time I will take a photo to show. By the way, I was in South Carolina in July, and got some strange bite on my leg and I have been tested for Lyme's disease. I am just thinking that this might somehow be related to what is happening to my skin.

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Tiny Blisters Painful Skin Rash

by Colin

My partner and I have just returned from Majorca and we stayed in the Isobel Aparthotel. On the 4th day of our stay and after my partner had decided to use a blanket from the room wardrobe because the night was chilly, she awoke the next morning with three red blotches on her arm. During the course of the next two days these turned more red and raised and eventually blistered. We went to five different pharmacies on the Island of which two told her it could be Herpes, of course she was devastated!

On our return to the UK she has been to her own doctor today who thinks it may be Impetigo but it was not confirmed. Today I have also developed a rash on my arms, not as bad yet as hers but we will see. I also have tiny individual blisters on my hands, not itchy but a bit tingly and painful when they come into contact with anything. My appointment is tomorrow. I wondered if anyone had any ideas? Can you catch these things from blankets? I wouldn't have thought so but I am not a doctor.

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Apr 30, 2014
Possible Herpes Rash
by: Anonymous

I have been been to the doctor numerous times. Late last year I developed a fever, sore throat, swollen lymph node on left side of my neck, and an ulcer and one single bump in my vagina. I went to my primary doctor and she said it could be herpes or syphilis so she prescribed me a herpes antibiotic (pills) and did a culture of the area and ordered me to get a blood test. Later my symptoms got a little better but the ulcer opened into a raw ulcer and the pimple got way bigger and looked like a boil. My doctor called back with my results - all negative for everything. She then refered me to a obgyn who cultured it also and told me it was chancroid took the antibiotics for that but the symptoms came back. Obviously it wasn't chancroid eventhough it looked like it and felt like it.

My obgyn then said it was a skin infection and I took the antibiotics for that but it came back as boils and one small ulcer and eventhough my obgyn did not advise me to use an over the counter antibiotic ointment or to soak in Epson salt I did it. Days after using this ointment I developed what I think is a rash or an allergic reaction and had to go back to the obgyn for her to have a look. She thinks it is herpes after she was positive it wasn't after all the tests and cultures. So now I am waiting on results and I am terrified.

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