Blotchy Red Skin Rash on Back

by Courtneey

A blotchy skin rash on the back after a day at the beach.

A blotchy skin rash on the back after a day at the beach.

I would like some input on a recent skin problem that occurred to me and my friend. My friend and I were at the beach all day and of course we sprayed sunscreen on our skin for protection from the sun’s ultra violet rays. However, although I mentioned the use of sunscreen, I do not think it is the source of the skin rash problem we are experiencing at all because we both have used this type of sunscreen many times before without any problems occurring on our skin.

Now, while we were at the beach, we performed typical beach type activities such as building sand castles, swimming several times in the lake (like we have done before many times with no problems) and just lying in the sun several times throughout the day. After we came home from the cottage, we both noticed a red blotchy type skin rash or skin problem. Both my friend and I are not sure what this blotchy skin rash problem could be. In terms of other symptoms, the skin rash is not very itchy and it just appeared without warning signs and all of a sudden, after we arrived home from the cottage. We have no idea how this happened. I do not think it is skin hives due to some sort of allergy. I mean, how could we both be allergic to the same thing? In terms of which parts of the body are affected, it is the back, thighs, and arms. The skin rash is really bad on our backs but not so bad on our thighs and arms. We both would like help to determine what this skin rash problem could be. It has been several hours and it has not gone away. Any advice that skin rash readers of this website can offer would be appreciated.

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