Bra Strap Skin Rash on Older Skin

by Anthea

I have worn the same pair of bras for around 10 years. They were an expensive brand purchased with the help of the specialist assistant at Selfridge's and I had no trouble until I turned 64, when I began to find that I had developed a bumpy red rash on my back beneath and around the strap sites. I have switched to a sports bra for home wear but find that even that and summer vest straps cause irritation so now I just wear a T-shirt without bra when possible and the rash then dies down. I use E-45 cream twice a day on the rash and this helps but I have to wear my standard bra to go out. I have been slim even wiry nearly all my adult life so is it something to do with having a layer of fat now under my skin? Or could it be a shift in posture as my shoulders tend to lean forwards more as my bone density goes down? Or could it be that my skin is drier and thinner? Surely I don't have to live with this rash forever!

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Jul 28, 2016
Non-itchy Bumps on Shoulders and Down Arm
by: Anonymous

I have had a colorless bumpiness on top of my shoulders and spreading down to my arms and wrists. I am wondering if it has to to with the elastic from my bra straps. I am in fairly good health at age of 79. This is evidenced itself in my late 40's and has continued. I have changed shampoos, facial creams, make-up, and stayed away from perfume sprays of any type. Since my immune system has been compromised through the last decade (fibromyalgia and arthritis, I am wondering if it's just inherent, or is it an outside, topical invasion of fabric, or....?

Feb 21, 2011
Allergic Reaction to Modern Bra Fabric
by: Anonymous

Many thanks for your comment. I've now switched to pure silk vests plus washing underwear in baby shampoo, and, though it's early days, I think that helps. I'm coming to the conclusion however that the skin irritation is ALSO caused by the bra fabric itself - it tends to follow the red marks caused by the bra elastic, suggesting that I'm sensitive to the elasticizing material mixed with the cotton in the fabric, as well as the metal. I use E45 cream to sooth, but I am on the lookout for an anti-allergy cream for the rash on my back. Any suggestions?

Feb 19, 2011
Itchy Rash Caused by Metal Allergy
by: Anonymous

If you find these red bumps are itchy and are located where the adjustable part is normally on the back then these spots running up the shoulder blades then are likely to be due to a metal allergy. This is a most annoying condition to have because most bra manufactures do not take this into consideration. I have been taking a hay fever anti-allergy tab to keep the itching at bay. There is no quick fix and no cure so guess we will have to wait for anti allergy straps or exposed metal straps to be out of fashion.


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