Burning Red Face Rashes

by Emily
(New York)

Hello to visitors of healthy-skincare.com. For approximately five years now, I have been dealing with burning red face rashes. These facial rashes burn so hot and sometimes they result in a purplish hue appearing on the affected skin. The burning red rash goes under my chin and I am severely heat intolerant. I also have other skin conditions such as chronic urticaria. I have had this skin issue for also about five years.

I have removed all my allergens but with no improvement in my skin rash symptoms. I seem to react to many different things now, more than I ever did. In addition, I feel that my immune system has been compromised. There are other symptoms as well. I get blistery looking bumps under my hands and my skin hives will leave tiny scars after the hives are gone.

Without a doubt my skin has unfortunately drastically changed over the years. I used to have light freckles with a nice complection and now my face is always red and has scaring from the hives that appear on my face. The flushing that occurs is red, hot and dry. It covers from my cheeks to under my chin and sometimes on my chest as well.

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Jan 25, 2017
Similar Burning Rash on Face and Upper Body
by: Jessica

Hi Emily! Have you found any answers to your rash problem? I think I have a similar experience to yours. I have had a chronic rash for 15 months that started on my face and has now spread to my neck, chest, back of neck, and forearms as well as tops of my hands. I look as if I fell asleep in bright sun and my rash burns so much it makes me feel exhausted, unable to focus, and at times nauseated. I have had patch testing completed and discovered allergies to around eight chemicals which are all new. I have become extremely sensitive to perfumes and UV light and exposure to these will make my skin will feel prickly.

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