Chronic Skin Rash on Different Body Parts

by DB

I have had this itching for 4 to 5 months already. It is a mild rash with no pain, but horrible itching. The nightimes are the worst times especially on my back and the back of my head. This rash might show up on my legs for a week and then move to my arms and then generally moves around to other areas of my body. I have been tested for scabies and the results were negative.

To try and treat this problem I have tried Witch Hazel, Clobex Rx, Caladerm, Lanacain, Diphenhydramine HCL spray, Triamcinolone Acetonide Cream Rx, and I just got a shot of Prednisone.

The Internet seems to be filled with others with the same condition and it can't be diagnosed properly. They take the same prescriptions, get the same bad results with the medication, and generally the same bad diagnosis.

Can anyone shed better light on this?

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May 27, 2010
What is up with these rashes?
by: Anonymous

I wrote in regarding the rash on my face 3-4 days ago when I first noticed the rash. Since then, like I mentioned before, I have been cleansing my face at night with Dove bar soap for sensitive skin and tepid water and then applying plain yogurt all over the rash (the yogurt dries nicely!. In the morning I rinse my face only with tepid water, then I apply the 1% hydrocortisone with aloe over the rash(do not rub it in). This regimen has shown much improvement in the rash and as this being the 4th day of my rash it is clearing up!

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