Cure Hives with Vitamins and Moisturizer

by Jennifer
(Dartmouth, Nova Scotia)

I am a 27 year old female from Dartmouth Nova Scotia. One day back in October 2011, the side of my knee became very itchy and causally like always I scratched myself to relieve the itch. The next 20 minutes were pure hell. All of a sudden my legs were inflamed, my back was inflamed as well as my neck and arms. The more I scratched the worse it got and spread. But then it stopped. Since a couple of other people were breaking out in the hives as well I assumed it was the soap in my uniform that work had been washing. When I reported it to them, they then went and checked the lines and began washing my uniform separate from everyone else.

For a couple of weeks, I would still have massive outbreaks of hives, rashes and welts. Once I woke up in my sleep because my feet were on fire! By Christmas time I was taking antihistamines every day and found that it seemed to help relieve the symptoms.

Fast forward to January 2012 and once again I broke out at work but this time I was concerned it was a food allergy because I am a chef so it could explain some things. Also, I had taken meds before work. The hives came at full force. This time my palms were also affected. I finally left work and saw a doctor who then set me up with some allergy testing. Unfortunately, my appointment was weeks away so until then I was given stronger pills and cream to help with the hives.

A week and one day later a co-worker stopped me in hallway at work and apologized to me. I was extremely puzzled. She then told me that IN FACT after months of itching and others complaining of hives too, turns out the master control panel in the laundry was broken and extra soap was indeed getting in
my uniform. I was pissed. However, they fixed the problem in the control panel of the laundry and I still was getting itches and hives.

Finally getting to my allergy testing (preceded by three awful days of not being able to take my medication might I add), it turned out that I did not have any allergies. I had dermatographism! I was devastated as most of you must have been at first also. The only other factor you could throw into the mix was for Nova Scotia this has been the driest winter that I have ever seen. So after finding this site, I began to start a routine. I use Dove body wash as well as Dove moisturizer after showering. I also started taking Vitamin D and Vitamin C for about two weeks now. After six months of this condition, as of four days ago I have not had any breakouts but I do not know if it is because of what I am doing or because spring has hit and the air is not as dry. I hope someone else might find the relief I did.

Moderator’s Comment

The dry winter weather quite often makes the dermatographism worse. Many people (myself included) generally experience less or no dermatographism symptoms in the spring and summer months when the humidity begins to rise. It might also have to do with more sun exposure during these times of year. Many people report that they believe there is a link between sun exposure and relief of dermatographism symptoms. Maybe this explains why you believe Vitamin D has helped with your symptoms. The link between sun exposure and relief of skin hives could be because of the Vitamin D. Hopefully, your relief of dermatographism is not seasonal. I would keep up with the moisturizing of the skin and ensure to do this in the winter. Keep showers short and with warm water only to prevent drying out the skin.

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