Dandruff Cures and Treatments

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Dandruff cures and treatments are required because dandruff can be frustrating, annoying, and humiliating. However, dandruff and the dandruff causes can be controlled for the most part.

Regular Hair Washing

Proper hair care by regularly washing the hair is the easiest way to dandruff cure. Many dandruff suffers fear that washing the hair too often is one of the dandruff causes and will lead to more dandruff. However, the opposite is true, especially if the skin on the scalp is oily. Oily scalps need to be shampooed often to remove the excess oil, otherwise the surplus oil may make the dandruff problem even worse. In addition, the hair should be regularly cleaned in order to remove the dead skin cells before they build up to be larger flakes that are very noticeable. When washing the hair, one thing to keep in mind is that hot showers may trigger dandruff. Individuals with any type of skin problem should keep the water in showers moderate in temperature. Hot water tends to cause the skin to dry out or produce more oil to compensate.

Reduce the Use of Hair Styling Products

Styling products are often the cause of oily scalps. They tend to build up on the scalp, causing it to produce excess oil. Hair spray, waxes, gel, and mousse are all to blame in this case. A possible dandruff cure for people suffering from dandruff is to try cutting back on the usage of these products. These products may even be causing an allergic reaction that appears similar to dandruff.

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Choose the Right Shampoo

In terms of choosing a shampoo as one of the dandruff cures, many dandruff shampoos on the market are great at controlling mild dandruff. It is best to experiment with a variety of products. Choose one and use it regularly for a minimum of two to three weeks. If no improvement is noticed after this time, then try another variety. If you find several that work, then it is a good idea to regularly alternate between products so that the scalp will not adjust to the product being used.

If results are not satisfactory, then these products may be too mild. Look for acid-based shampoos that help restore the proper acidity to the skin on the scalp and aid in breaking down and removing excess oil and clumps of dead skin. Products specifically formulated to deal with seborrheic dermatitis will help to reduce redness and irritation. Common active ingredients in shampoos for treating dandruff are: selenium sulphide, salicylic acid, zinc pyrithione, and ketoconazole (Nizoral).

If there is still no improvement, try a dandruff shampoo with a tar extract in it. These shampoos do not smell as great as regular shampoos, but they will get the job done. Tar shampoos are a bit more expensive, but they are worth the extra cost in terms of effectiveness. Note that there is and has been concern about the long-term effects of such products. They should be used as directed and with the advice of a dermatologist.

Tea Tree Oil

There are also a variety of home dandruff cures. The use of tea tree oil can help reduce dandruff because of its anti-fungal activity. In addition, products such as apple cider vinegar or lemon juice may be effective in combating this skin care problem. The liquid is applied to the scalp for several minutes or hours. The hair and scalp is then shampooed. These acids act as a fungicide and help rinse away clumps of dead skin cells.

Reduce Stress

Lifestyle changes can be made to control a dandruff problem. Researchers have found that stress is a major factor in many conditions, including dandruff. Dandruff sufferers should look at ways of reducing stress in their daily lives. Not only can this possibly improve this skin care problem, but also will increase overall general health.

Natural Sunlight Exposure

New studies are showing that natural sunlight may be good for reducing dandruff and dandruff causes. However, researchers warn to not spend a great deal of time in the sun, due to its cancerous effects on the skin. Avoid burning. Not only will the sun help your dandruff, but it will also provide the Vitamin D the body needs to keep it and the skin healthy.

See a Doctor for Dandruff Cures

If none of these tips help control the dandruff causes, then a visit with a general practitioner is in order. He or she will assess the condition, more closely examine the dandruff causes, and may even prescribe a prescription treatment for the dandruff. The doctor will likely only do so if the dandruff is moderate or severe. Most of the time, the prescription is a dandruff shampoo or a scalp wash. The physician may decide to refer you to a dermatologist for a specialist view of the dandruff causes and perhaps more advanced dandruff treatments or dandruff cures. The dermatologist can determine if it is dandruff or some other ailment that is causing the flaking skin.

Note that dandruff can also be due to other problems such as psoriasis, fungal infections, or head lice. Avoid excessive scratching of the scalp. Scratching can lead to skin breaks in the scalp and possible infections.

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