Deep Itching Skin Hives

by Dee

For over 25 years I have been suffering with deep itching hives. I am blessed that these hives have not affect my face because of the appearance. Instead the skin hives are mainly on my hands/forearms, lower legs, and sometimes on my toes as well. I have been thinking this skin problem was food allergy related, but even after doing several isolation diets, I just can't figure it out. I know the deep itching hives were triggered or worsened with my pregnancy 25 years ago.

The symptoms go like this. A severe itchy/painful spot starts on my skin. Most recently it is between two of my fingers. The spot itches very badly and it is very painful. The itching will NOT stop until I have scratched off the top layer of skin, leaving an open place that is then very painful for the next few days until it starts to heal. The itching stops however, because whatever was INSIDE of my causing it to itch and be painful came out.

This itch hives skin condition has haunted me for over two decades. I have been to several dermatologists who suggest it is lichen simplex chronicus. However, that just seems to be chronic scratching and not a chronic itching condition. It does not look at all like the pictures of lichen simplex chronicus that I have seen on the Internet. I have tried to NOT scratch the affected skin areas, but the itch is so intense and will not quit until whatever it is in my skin escapes. It may be some kind of toxin.
I have been gluten free for 12 years. I have eaten nothing but plain meat, fruits and vegetables and no processed anything for 40 days and this skin condition did not stop, although it may have slowed down a little bit. The hives are not contagious as I have six children and a husband and no one else is vexed with it.

When it starts itching, it cannot be seen. A picture would only reveal the evidence of it after I have scratched. However, after I start scratching, a very obvious hive or boil becomes evident and the skin peels off an area about 1 to 2 cm in diameter.

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