Dermatographism Antihistamines

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Zyrtec and Allegra

Dermatographism Antihistamines

by Wendy (SC)

I've had acne in varying degrees my whole life. I'd come to realize that it was stress related, and managed it with benzoyl peroxide and makeup as best as possible.

About 5 years ago I was laid off of my job and within a week was covered in itchy sore red splotches that at the time my family doctor called Rosea. The bright red patches went away with the help of some creams, change in clothing, and Xanax... so all and all we wrote it off as a stess episode. But now, several years later it has returned, this time in itchy patches with no cause. All of a sudden a patch of skin would start to tingle and scratching it only made it spread like poison oak, itch worse, burn, and welt up. At first it was concentrated around my ankles mostly at night, but soon it was head to toe all day and every day. Benadryl never did help and creams only soothe the scratches made by your own nails.

I went to an allergist. My hives were so bad the dermagraphic test was worthless, but a blood test revealed I'm not allergic to a darn thing. I never have been. We have yet to determine a solid cause but I know it's just stress. Since my 1 a day Zyrtec dermatographism antihistamines were not working enough, I was told to add on Allegra 2-4x a week and take an extra Zyrtec at the onset of an "episode".

Zyrtec Controls My Chronic Symptoms

by Jaye (United States)

I identified my dermatographism almost 13 years ago. My symptoms are chronic and not enhanced with any particular trigger. For the first 8 years or so, I was determined to just live with the condition and suffer through the symptoms rather than take dermatographism antihistamines. In recent years I have chosen to take Zyrtec dermatographism antihistamine daily and the symptoms are well-controlled. However, if I miss a single dose the symptoms return quickly. On medication my skin just turns red when irritated rather than welting and itching.

Do any of the survey responses report secondary conditions that may also be related to mast cell reactions? I have several other unusual symptoms: chronic night sweats, gastro-intestinal dumping syndrome, chronic productive cough.

Zyrtec For My Seven Year Itch

by Anonymous

I was diagnosed with dermographism when I was 21 and am now 33. I itched severly for 7 years straight and took 2-10mg Zyrtec a day (when it was a prescription and cost 4 times what it does now).

It gradually went away for a couple of years then it came back full force again and hasn't stopped! Well the dermatographism antihistamines are cheap now so I have learned to live with this, but it is so intense that with out my meds even the water in the shower and my own hair brushing on my shoulders causes an outbreak that makes me want to jump off a building! I love my Zyrtec!

Itching and Different Dermatographism Antihistamines

by Daniel (United States)

My name is Daniel and I have had this hives problem since I was in 8th grade. I am now a freshman and just moved into my dorm. I itch every single day all over my body and it is killing me. Websites say that it doesn't affect daily life, BUT IT DOES. I can’t do anything without itching. Even walking makes me itch. I went to a dermatologist and he gave me different dermatographism antihistamines. None of them work and I don't know what to do. I wish something could help me be normal.

By Rosemary:
I don't know if what I have is dermatographism. I have itching all over and these little red bumps come out and itch real bad. They go away and just pop up in a different place on another day. People think I am crazy.

It started in Nov 08 and I have gone to a dermatologist and allergist, with hardly no itch relief. They think it is some type of bacterial infection. They gave me antibiotics. I have used all the creams and pills. Now I'm on hydroxyzine 25mg, 4 pills a day. I started at 1 every 6 hours. I've had to adjust it from 1 to 4 pills because the itching would get more intense. I still itch everyday but not all the time or all over my body. My back and legs itch all the time. Any idea's on other dermatographism antihistamines?

Dermatographism Antihistamines Don't Work

by Elle (United States)

I discovered I had dermatographism hives when I was 6 years old and in second grade. I'm now 16 years old and a junior in high school. I understand it can be hard. I have completely given up on anti-itch creams and pills. I just scratch it or I have my friends or family scratch it if I can't reach it. I am so used to it by now, but I never realized how annoying it is. I've never been to a dermatologist about it and I don't plan on ever going. Sounds to me like dermatographism antihistamines don't work. I'll just bear with it. I'm sure it will go away.

Meanwhile, I have to write a paper on dermatographism so if anyone has any legitimate info that I could use in a paper, please email me at Stay strong.

By Stephanie:
I realize your post was last year, but if you still read this, my best treatment for my dermatographia is Allegra, but you can get Claritin over the counter and the stomach med Zantac. It has some sort of allergen in it and it stops my welps. Hope this helps!

By Anonymous:
I like your attitude on this subject and I feel the same way except sometimes I even catch myself writing on myself.

Over the Counter Medication for Dermatographic Urticaria

by Amy (El Centro, CA)

I've had dermatographic urticaria for about 5 years. I am 16 years old. When I first came up with this I'd spend hours without sleeping because the itching would keep me up. I became frustrated after a couple of years of keeping up with this and not knowing what it was. Lately my friends are fascinated by it because I have "3D" skin, but the itching is never fun. I went to the dermatologist today and he told me it was dermatographic urticaria and there was an easy solution to it like an over the counter dermatographism antihistamines which can help reduce the swelling a great deal. It is working for me so far!

Benadryl Antihistamine Not Working

by Mark Vegas (Kelowna, British Columbia)

I am 14 right now and I have had dermographism since grade 5. Before I had Dermographism I was a very active person and I used to wrestle a lot with my friends. Now that I have it whenever I get punched lightly I swell up and it is really embarrassing. I have a real passion for basketball and it is really hard to play when I just get a little nudge and swell up. Pretty much dermographism really has messed up my life. I am scared to do things cause I am scared of the embarrassment. My parents do not understand. I am just looking for dermatographism antihistamines that will really reduce the swelling. I am taking Benadryl right now and it really does not seem to be working.


BY Forest:
I also got it in 5th grade, but I'm 13. Before I got it, I rode horseback, volleyball, soccer, tennis, anything I could do really. Because of it, I quit all the activities I love so I wouldn't have to get these rashes and welts. My parents don't get it either. They do not believe it's real and my dad even thinks it cool to watch the welts appear. I hope you find what works for you soon!!!!

By Alex:
HEY! I am 14 too. I have been suffering from dermatographism for one and a half years now. For 1 year I did not know what I had and all the doctors said it will run its course and go away. Well 2 months ago I went to a dermatologist and in 2 minutes he told me I had dermatographism and that I will have it for the rest of my life. Before I went there, I had been taking Benadryl also for the symptoms. It is SO embarrassing when I am in school and this happens. I always try to not get into contact or be rough and stuff because I am afraid of getting the rash. I know how you feel.

By Anonymous:
I totally understand you. I have a passion for basketball and volleyball, and when one LITTLE thing touches me, I get the rash looking bumps, and it welts up where I got hit. It would take a while to go away. My parents don't understand what I'm going through either, or my brother. They're lucky.

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