Dermographism or Dermatographism Skin Problem 

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Dermatographism skin problem or dermographism skin condition stories or submissions from real people suffering with this annoying and often frustrating skin hives disease.

Sensitive Skin and Dermatographism

by Anonymous

I am 16 years old and I have had this dermographism skin hives problem for as long as I can remember. Living with it isn't too easy but people make it sound harder than it actually is. Due to dermatographism, I have sensitive skin so I feel more pain than usual. I get hives with any kind of force applied to the skin (scratching, smacking, extreme rubbing, cutting) and I itch way more than a normal person should. I have been ridiculed as a freak because of it but it never really bothered me. It is just the way you are made and you get stronger as a person for just making the best of it. How many other people you know can write their name on their skin like a giant "My Name Is ____." I make the best of it and just take some antihistamines.

Sensitive Dermographism Skin Condition

by Samantha (Clermont, FL)

I was born with this dermatographism skin problem and my mother's brother has it too. I never knew until today what it was called, until I did some serious research on the computer late at night. As I got bigger, it seemed to almost completely go away. I went through some life changes and in the last couple of months it has become more common in my daily life. It seems to be back and more sensitive than before. The dermographism skin condition does not bother me but many people who don't know that I have it tend to look confused when they see it.

I think the recent amount of stress in my life has caused the dermatographism skin problem to be the worst that it has ever been but I do not do anything about it, I just let it go away. It never itched as bad as it does now and I am not sure if I should do something about the skin hives now that it has progressed to being extra sensitive.

Rashes and Welts Prevent Sleep

by Olivia

I am 17 and I started getting welts almost a year ago. My mom took me to see a dermatologist who of course said I had dry skin and prescribed 30 different, EXPENSIVE creams for me to take and sent me off. None of the creams worked, so I went back to see her. In response to this, she prescribed more expensive creams that didn't work, and I was left itchy and confused. Finally I told my mom that I needed to see an allergist, and thankfully I am going to see one this Friday. However, the itching became unbearable, so I looked up my symptoms on the internet and came across dermographism or dermatographism skin problem. I am glad to know other people have the same problem as me (although I wouldn't wish this on anyone). My problem is that the rashes and welts wake me up at night and keep me up for long periods of time. They prevent me from focusing on my homework and other daily tasks, and now they have started to appear without me even touching anything! I have also started getting welts, and what I call "hot spots" on my face, ear, and neck besides getting them on my legs, stomach, back, and my rear end (SO embarrassing), and other people have started to notice and point it out to me. My pediatrician said to put cold compresses on the welts to help them go down, but of course I can't pull out a cold compress in school whenever I want to. Is there anything else I can do for this dermatographism skin problem?

Skin Whelps and Skin Writing Disease

by Marcus (Arkansas)

My name is Marcus. I am 30 years old and have had this Dermographism skin condition for a couple of years now. It was kind of weird at first but now I have gotten used to it. I currently take one 10mg tablet of Cetirizine (Zyrtec). I titled this submission as skin writing because I can actually write on my skin and it will whelp up exactly where I scratch. I have pretty much learned to live with the dermographism, because you have too, and sometimes I have fun with it. I will draw something on my hands or arms and tell people it just popped up. You should see their reactions.

Any way, I do pretty well as long as I take the medication. I can definitely tell when I miss a dose. My head usually starts itching first, then around my eyes and so on. The good thing is, the dermatographism skin problem is not life threatening. So don't get scared or feel odd about having it. It is not a STD or something you can give to your loved ones. It just happens. I was nervous at first because I had never heard of skin hives problem before.

Skin Flushing, Hives, and Welts

by Carolyn (United States)

I was first diagnosed with this dermatographism skin problem when I was 15. Same story, welts, hives on skin, anything that touched my skin irritated the hell out of it. Then six years later, I went into remission. Even though I was free of hives and welts my skin would still get red when it was in contact with anything. The itchiness had also subsided.

Now, ten years later IT'S BACK, worst than it ever was. Not only do I have these annoying hives on skin reactions but I now suffer from idiopathic anaphalactoid reactions. Basically I am experiencing severing flushing, which I never had before, throat tightness, hives that leave little brown scars on my body, heart palpitations, vomiting, and diarrhea. My doctor seems to think it's all connected. I have been taking 20mg of Reactine for the past year and it seems to be working. I only had one anaphalactoid reaction and even though I look like I got in a cat fight my skin feels pretty good.

I could not go one day without the antihistamine. It is like torture. I've been through so many tests (thyroid, tumour, hormones, neurological). I can only hope that this dermatographism skin problem will go away once again.

No Cure for Dermatographism Skin Problem

by Victoria (London)

I have been suffering from this wretched dermatographism skin problem for six years now. The dermatographism came on suddenly out of nowhere starting first on my scalp. I came across this page when trying to find any other options other than antihistamines for treatment, as me and my partner are trying for a baby, and it is advised to come off antihistamines when doing so. There is just no information out there about how to cure this dermographism skin condition and possibly there is no cure at all. I scratch and scratch until my skin bleeds, and it only calms down after I have taken my antihistamine. It really is awful, and people assume that you have something infectious. Let us hope they find a cure for this soon!

Unknown Cause and no Cure for Skin Hives

by Nancy (Texas)

I am twenty years old. Prior to this, I never had any skin allergy before. However, at the end of my first semester of college, I started noticing the skin hives when I scratched. I was scared at first but now I think I am getting a little use to it. I have tried to figure out all the different things I did different that I didn't do before to see what could have caused the skin hives problem, but it is hard to pinpoint an exact cause or any possible cause at all. For example, could it be that I was eating a lot of chicken which came in cans or that I started going swimming more frequently or maybe it is the detergents I use or is it just anxiety. I was also taking some liquid medicine called Prilosec and perhaps maybe I am allergic to this type of medicine. I really don't know. I wish I could find out what to avoid and simply avoid it and therefore get rid of the dermatographism skin problem. I wish there was a cure for this dermatographism skin problem but I have been reading that there is not one. I hope all of you feel better and find relief or a cure.

Cholestasis During Pregnancy

by Nell (Arizona)

I had a high risk pregnancy with triplets. In the hospital I developed Cholestasis which is a problem with the bile ducts of the liver and gallbladder. The symptoms of this are jaundice and uncontrollable, unbearable itching. After I delivered my children I was informed that the Cholestasis would resolve on it's own and my skin would go back to normal. I waited patiently for about a year, although the jaundice cleared up, the itching never did. It was only a few months after my kids were born that I noticed the more I scratched, the more welts I got. The first doctor I told only raised her eyebrows and said "that's weird". A year later another doctor suggested it was allergies and prescribed an antihistamine. This helped, but only reduced the symptoms, it never really went away. Finally I saw an allergist after 3+ years of this and was told that this strange itching I get with marks left when I scratch was the dermatographism skin problem. It's nice to have a diagnosis, but I hope I can find the cause of this dermographism skin condition so that I can be free of this one day. It can be so debilitating!

Dermographism Skin Condition Since I Was A Teenager

by Bryan (South Carolina)

I'm 34 and have dealt with this dermatographism skin problem since I was a teenager! The first time I noticed it my sister was tickling me and afterwards my stomach looked like it had been sliced up by razor blades and then my skin healed into hundreds of scars. Another time a friend threw a cookie at me, it was one of those peanut butter cookies in the shape of the peanut guy. Yeah, it left a perfect impression of the peanut guy on my chest!

I guess mine is not as bad as most because at least it does go away in five minutes or so but there have been many times when I knew I better walk away or my secret is going to be revealed. If someone scratches me or I bump something wrong I know it is about to happen so I find away to escape.

Anyway, I never let it stop me and I have a pretty positive attitude, although some of the Marines like to play pranks on me like walk up and just rub my face or something just to make it happen! They think they are funny - I guess they are. Sucks to be the brunt of a joke!

Dermatographism Skin Problem Looks Like a Skin Map

by Mignon (California, USA)

My skin writing problem appeared one day for reasons still unknown. It was very scary because it occurred on my upper leg and then spread to other parts of my body. It happened several times the same way, but never the same place twice. The area looked always like a global map drawn under my skin. Only once did it have a different appearance. Late one night, I was awakened by its usual itching, this time on my abdomen. It looked like the bed sheet marks one would get after laying down for some time. The difference was at the bottom of each running mark was a tear drop. My experience with this rash did not last very long, maybe six weeks but I did notice how strange it was how each episode cleared up within an hour. I did go to the doctor and it was diagnosed by a specialist, prescribed allergy medicine, but I have yet to have another episode.

Hives on Back Stomach Arms and Legs

by Gabbi (Ohio)

This started just a little while back and I was 12 at the time. I remember coming home itchy and I lifted my shirt and had hives and welts all over my back. I had just spent the night at a friend's house where that very night I had laid in the grass and slept on the floor. My mom simply told me it may just be allergies and just to scratch it all out. Welts started occurring more after that, and not just on my back, but also on my stomach. Then it went to my arms, to my face, and then to my legs. It starts happening more easily now, with just a slight touch. If I have an itch, I won't scratch, but a welt will still appear right where it started. I can accidentally bump something and I'll get a rounded welt.

People look at me like I just survived a horrible accident and the welts only worsen with stress. This dermatographism skin problem is terrible and very annoying. I just want to have normal skin, I want to be able to push and shove without welts occurring, I just want it to be gone.

Suffering with Dermatographism Skin Problem in Malaysia

by EK (Malaysia)

I am now a 20 year-old girl and I am suffering from the dermatographism skin problem for almost 11 years. At first I was very anxious and upset about this unusual health condition. My skin felt very itchy every time I scratched it, even accidentally. It really frightened me. Eventually my whole body including my face was affected. I feel ashamed because I have this dermographism skin condition. I really don't know why I am suffering from this dermatographism skin problem. Perhaps it is due to the lack of vitamins because I do not like to eat vegetables and fruits. I don't know when this hives disease will be cured but from my knowledge there are no cures or any treatments. I am sad and disappointed.

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