Dermographic Urticaria Skin Hives Spreading

by Jess

My hives came on suddenly about two weeks ago. I only get the hives when I scratch, and this skin hives problem started out on the inside of my forearm. Now it seems to be spreading to the top of my forearms and up the inside of my arms to the bicep area. Is spreading normal for this skin hives problem? I have not tried anything besides hydrocortisone cream to treat the skin hives, but I do plan on trying witch hazel or the antihistamine Claritin if that doesn't work. Do you have any advice on the spreading of the skin hives that I am noticing? Any other control methods that work?

I would say that dermatographism or dermographic urticaria is not a "spreading" type skin condition and so perhaps something else is going on with your skin. Dermographic urticaria generally affects the skin on the whole body, but the skin on different parts of the body may be more sensitive that others. I have read many reader submissions where individuals indicate that it only affects a particular area of their bodies. In my own case, the face and back areas were affected the most and were the most sensitive. However, I could also cause the hives to appear on my arms and legs, albeit with more significant pressure being applied to the skin.

If you have dermographic urticaria, antihistamines are the usual course of treatment. However, you asked about other hives control treatments that work and there are a couple of natural treatment options that have produced some positive outcomes. These all natural treatments are for those that do not want to experience the side-effects of antihistamines. See the natural treatments page for more information.

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