Eczema Skin Condition and Nair Rash

by Linda Truss
(Western Australia)

My daughter had eczema as a child but she kind of grew out of it. We haven't had any flare ups of the eczema skin condition for about eight years. Now as a sixteen year old she's started to want to shave her legs. I (foolishly) bought her Nair as an alternative to shaving - the type made for use in the shower. The instructions on the Nair bottle said the product could be left on for up to 10 minutes. She left it on for under 5 minutes and the result is I have a new name for NAIR - NASTY AWFUL IRRITATING RASH-PRODUCER.

The rash looked like shingles gone wrong, ugly patches of bubbles which looked like burns. These left red bumps as they popped. The rash was incredibly itchy and got worse with heat which made everyday activities like showers and sleeping under blankets painful. After a week of trying every treatment I knew of and every treatment I could find on the internet - Benadryl, Calamine lotion, antihistamines, Condy's Crystals, rubbing alcohol, eczema cream, oatmeal, cornflour paste, etc., etc., we had to resort to the doctors.

$120 later, (which is what we paid for the doctor's visit, the prescription of penicillin and the Cortival cream (betamethasone valerate 1/5) the rash is still there. The rash has improved following the use of the penicillin and Cortival but they've both run out now and even after a week of treatment it's still visible - especially on the leg she applied it to first.

In all, a lot of grief over a $10 bottle of NAIR. This bottle carries a warning - but it's not sufficient.

If you have any history of eczema - even mild eczema DON'T USE THIS PRODUCT. Even if your eczema hasn't flared up for years. This rash is not eczema, but the doctor told us he has seen other similar reactions to NAIR on people with a history of eczema.

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May 17, 2019
Nair Rash
by: Anonymous

I am having the same problem with my 15 year old daughter right now who put it on her back. How long did it take for your daughter to get rid of this rash and did it cause scarring?

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