Effective Treatment for Physical Urticaria

by Phil
(Fremantle, Western Australia)

After 32 years (since age 17) of steadily worsening physical urticaria, triggered by heat, cold, water, scratching and pressure, I've finally found something that can prevent or treat outbreaks of itching. I don't suffer visible rashes, just the itch.

My secret is heat. A hot bath and I mean HOT - as hot as you can stand, can prevent an attack or stop one that's in progress. Hot showers are less effective, due, I think, to the action of the water droplets on the skin, but can be ok if very hot and if the water droplets are large (no water-saver shower heads!).

My best friend of all is a wheat bag, which I got from a physiotherapist. It's normally used to treat muscle strains, but it is the best thing I've found for treating attacks in progress. These days I keep it handy all the time and use it five or ten times a day. I heat it in a microwave for 2-3 minutes (depending on size of bag and power of microwave) until it's almost too hot to hold on my skin, then leave it on for a couple of minutes. Hey presto! - the itching is gone. The temperature necessary varies depending on whether I am putting it directly on my skin or applying it through clothing.

If I can't use my wheat bag, any other source of heat may serve - e.g. the hot window ledge of a car, a hot water bottle etc.

This heat treatment also seems to work on other itches, such as insect bites or anything else that is histamine-related.

This treatment won't cure the underlying cause of your urticaria, but it may help to control the attacks. My wheat bag has certainly helped save my sanity and restored some normality to my daily life. If only I could find a battery-powered model...

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Feb 26, 2010
Heat Treatment is Working
by: Anonymous

My 21 month daughter is suffering from this condition (I think). I am 6 weeks away from our first immunologist visit. Today was extremely hot but I decided we needed to get out and get some exercise anyway. My daughter had welts over her in the morning and by the time we arrived home from an hour in the heat (we were drinking lots of water) I noticed all her rash had disappeared. I was astonished. If this does end up being a permanent condition then I think I at least know I can treat her without medication.

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