Extremely Itchy Purple Rash on Lower Legs

by Marlena
(Krugersdorp, South Africa)

Two years ago a very itchy rash started on my left lower leg just above the ankle. I felt like scratching it with a wire brush because the itching drove me mad. The dark pink color of the itchy rash turned purple. The itchy patch is also much warmer than the other unaffected skin on my leg. A doctor could not provide any solution but suggested that I should use Anethaine or Anusol - even if only to get rid of the itch. This treatment did not help with the skin rash symptoms. I then went to see another doctor who sent me to a dermatologist. The skin doctor could not even offer a diagnosis of the skin rash even though a core sample was sent to the laboratory for analysis. The results were inconclusive.

What is very interesting is that this skin rash would stay active for roughly four weeks, until, overnight, the itching would cease and the skin would go back to being smooth, but of course, after time, remained a horrible purple colour.

Then the same type of irritation started on my right leg, it looked similar to a small spider bite, but now this patch also itched and remained for about a month, followed by a month of no rashes, only to return again, this time much bigger. Within four "cycles" this patch overtook the initial patch in size on my left leg and by now it turned into the same cycle whereby I would suffer from rashes on both legs, turning me wild from the itching.

I went to see another doctor and yet another dermatologist and I offered him this deal: if he could help me to diagnose and treat the rash successfully, I would pay him twice his fee, however, if he could not assist, I will not pay him at all.

He admitted that he had seen this type of rash before, but that there is no cure for it and I ended up not paying him as he could not help me.

Anyone had the same problem?? I am beside myself!

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Feb 01, 2018
Leg Shin Rash
by: Rich

I have a raised red blistery rash on my shins. For a while, I had it on both legs but now just one leg. I have gone to a few doctors and also a skin specialist. One medication that I was prescribed cost over $300.00 out of pocket after insurance. I did not get it. I tried several different medications and creams but none provided any help for the rash on my shins. All of the doctors were no help.

I finally decided to try a home remedy. I soaked some cloths in apple cider vinegar and put them on my leg for half an hour. It took the bad itch away. The rash is gone on one leg. The rash is still on other leg but at least I can get rid of the itch. I do this for a week or how ever long it takes to get rid of the rash/itch. If it comes back, I start the treatment process over. At least I have relief from the itch.

Jun 15, 2017
Same Rash on Leg
by: Peter

This was very helpful especially the blood pressure symptoms causing the itching and purple patches on lower leg. I have got similar issue on my leg and three doctor consultations and three lots of antibiotics and three creams all helped but the condition has returned. I am sure my doctor will be interested in this.

Feb 25, 2017
Leg Rash
by: Anonymous

If you are taking some kind of hypertension medication in combination, try changing them with different kinds. Some of these blood pressure medications can cause a rash on the shin of the leg that is very itchy and soon water will weep out. This happened to me when I took a combination of blood pressure medications. When I discontinued them and replaced them with different ones the itchy weeping rash went away. See your doctor and ask to replace your medications with other kinds. DON NOT stop your medications until you see your doctor.

Dec 29, 2016
Itchy Legs
by: Anonymous

I have the itchy legs, sometimes both, but mostly one at a time. At first it looks like I got bit with something and it itches like mad. Then the middle of this rash quits itching and the leg is bright red and it keeps going and going until the cycle is done. Then it turns purple and then brown but always you can see were it was. I have had it again for about three months and the purple is not going away. I have been to many dermatologists and doctors and nobody knows was it is. It does not weep or anything but the itch drives me crazy. I don't know where to turn anymore. I have had many creams and spent tons of money. Can anyone help?

Oct 31, 2016
Leg Rash Caused by Gluten
by: Suki

I too suffered the same and will try to upload pictures if I can. I have four half dollar sized circular red patches that are warm to the touch and are very itchy. Now, it has progressed and I have the same symptoms on both hands and going up my arms. Last week, I finally realized it is GLUTEN and CASEIN from WHEAT, RYE, BARLEY, and MILK. These allergies often go hand in hand. I had a huge bowl of Teriyaki vegetable chicken noodles from Trader Joes and within a half an hour both my hands got extremely worse with the development of little pimples like watery pustules that itched like crazy, then broke, and then itched even more. It was even more painful under warm to hot water and then the affected skin areas would crack and bleed. Other healthy symptoms included a 'foggy headed ' feeling, unexplained weight gain, and bloated belly. These are ALL signs of a gluten allergy. My daughter discovered five years ago that her ovarian cysts were the cause of her gluten allergies, which she has had tremendous pain for years. Now she is pain free as long as she does not eat gluten.

Once I got all the gluten out of my system, I started to heal quickly. However, I then made a mistake of having only four of my mother's French fries that she got from Carl's Jr and within 20 minutes, I had a horrible auto immune response and my hands, arms and legs starting to itch and swell all over again. I found out the oil is shared with breads and they may even lightly coat the fries with a flour based wheat product.

I am using AHA body lotion from Clarks (an all-natural health food store) and it has healed my hands tremendously. I put it on every thirty minutes. It has a small little tingly burn when you apply it but that is only the natural fruits in it that help it to remove the dead skin cells and promote the healing. After about thirty seconds, the burn goes away, my hands feel incredibly smooth, and I am very thankful as my hands are responding quickly to this product, which makes my hands feel so lovely and smooth even though they are cracked and have a rash. This lotion is also healing my left leg.

They say 1 in 100 people are now allergic to gluten but I bet that number is greater as the symptoms also include migraine headaches, forgetfulness, etc. GET OFF THE GLUTEN NOW. I went shopping for the first time yesterday to buy only all gluten free products and it was NOT easy. My bill was a little more expensive but better to pay a little more in advance to be healthy and stay out of the doctor’s office instead of paying tons more in medical bills later.

Feb 26, 2012
Low Platelets ITP
by: Anonymous

I have 55,000 platelets and red bumps on my
calves and shins. My bone marrow in the shins
is painful when my platelets are low. I scratched
so much they were bleeding and swollen and I had a slight fever for a day.

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