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A face rash can be very disfiguring and embarrassing for those that are affected. Submissions from individuals with a facial rash caused by a variety of known and unknown sources are provided below.

Face Rash or Hives with Stress

by Lisa (Broomall, PA)

Anytime I get worried or stressed I break out into a small rash like hives but only on one side of my cheek and jaw line. It itches and then after I calm down a bit the rash or hives disappear. I am 37 years old and this actually started only this year! I had some significant life changes such as selling my house and I am now living with my parents temporarily until I can find a new house. I am wondering if this is what triggered the face rash. I have always had terrible allergies and on occasion have had one of my allergists describe my condition as deep hives. When my hives are triggered by allergies my eyes will swell up almost shut for a couple days. However this particular face skin rash that I am describing now definitely only appears when I am stressed.

Magenta Face Rash and Backs of Hands

by Kim (Reno)

My 18 year old daughter was recently hospitalized for 18 days. She is suspected of having one of the porphyrias. Around the 10th day in the hospital she developed a redness over most of her face, her upper arms, and the backs of her hands and fingers. It wasn't over the joints, those were normal; it was in the spaces of the joints on all her fingers. It wasn't spots of any kind, just magenta skin, slightly raised. It doesn't look like any of the pictures I have seen of rashes associated with porphyria. They photographed the rash and were going to do a biopsy but didn't get it done before she was released. Her ANA titre was 1:1280 but the specific tests for Lupus were negative. Does anyone have any ideas?

Face Rash and Welts from Weight Training Exercise

by Victor (West Virginia)

I am pretty healthy and avoid stressful situations. I'm always calm even under dire situations. But there is one stress I can't avoid even though in the long run it is making me healthier and stronger. I can tell when I have had a very intense workout because my face then becomes intensely red from hives or welts. It is mostly right after heavy weight training and not cardio type exercises. I am assuming that with this kind of training the body recognizes it as some kind of stress or trauma, which I can understand but it still sucks.

I eat healthy and my diet is full of nutrients and antioxidants and I also take supplements with anti-inflammatory properties for my knee. Because of my daily intake of these supplements the hives do not last longer than 24 hours but the cycle repeats itself because I love to train.

I also find that green tea helps. Last but not least, during your workout don't hold your breath. During any kind of stressful situation it is very important to breathe but with lifting the amount I lift it is very hard to remember that. I hope this helps someone.

Brown Rash around the Mouth

by Anonymous

My daughter came home from her aunt's house and now she has a brown rash that is not raised or feels like anything. It is all around her mouth. I am assuming it is from something she ate but what would cause a face rash or facial rash in the form of a brown stain around her mouth that has lasted for five days and is still there. Her doctor said it could be from acid in fruit but she eats fruit all the time at home and has never had this type of rash around her mouth. This type of face rash makes it look like her face is dirty all the time.

Niaspan Facial Rash with Vitamin B

by Anne (Fort Worth, TX)

I use Niaspan 500 MG to lower my cholesterol and it has caused hives on my eyelids and an itchy rash on my upper cheeks which became a rough rash that took weeks to go away. I stopped taking Niaspan months ago, but now I get the face rash after eating a cereal that I never had a problem with before. I can no longer take sublingual B12 liquid and will get the same face skin rash and hives whenever something I eat is fortified with a B vitamin. My reaction to the cereal was so severe that the rash around my eyes wept. I will see the doctor who prescribed the Niaspan this next week and have pictures of my face taken after the cereal episode to show him. My concern is what Vitamin B is doing to me internally and how I can be healthy while avoiding it.

Severe Whole Body Itchy Skin Rash

by Helen (Canada)

It started on her lower extremities and worked itself up my daughter's body to her face within 12 hours and does not seem to affect her personally other than it is very itchy! In some places the whole body skin rash consists of big raised splotches and in some places it is like finger tip raised dots. The whole body is covered and red, and some affected areas have scales because of her scratching the rash but most are non-touched and itchy. She has a face rash as well.

It has been three days and no change so far. Calamine lotion, baking soda, Epsom salt baths have been tried to dry or lure out toxins in the skin but nothing seems to work except allergic medication to stop the itch! I assume the skin rash is an allergic reaction to an antibiotic she was on for seven days. I took my daughter to her doctor and I am awaiting blood work results for measles and mono. The doctor does not think it would be an antibiotic reaction with this severe type of body skin rash. We are stumped!

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