Fever Sinusitis and Strep Skin Rash

by Matt

It all started with a fever late Friday night and early Saturday morning. My temperature peaked at just over 103 degrees F. My only other symptoms were chills and what I thought was a sinus headache. Finally the fever broke sometime Sunday night. Monday I felt better but just wasn't 100 percent yet. I remember waking up a few times Monday night and the palms of my hands itched along with my legs. When I woke up Tuesday morning I had a rash covering most of my body and it itched like crazy. My first thought was that my wife changed laundry detergent because my skin is sensitive to the detergent used. But as I searched around and thought about it a bit, I figured the skin rash may have something to do with me being sick over the weekend and so I went to see the doctor.

After being looked at and telling the doctor the symptoms I was having over the weekend, he came to the conclusion that I had sinusitus and strep over the weekend and that the strep worked its way to my kidneys which caused the skin rash. So here I sit with strep rash, which by the way feels like I rolled around in a patch of poison ivy. I just hope the itching goes away before Saturday when I will be competing in a firefighter stair climb. Full turnout gear and an itchy rash will not be fun running up stairs in a 42 story building, but the doctor has me on antibiotics and steroids to help speed up the healing process.

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