Food Poisoning Skin Rash

(San Diego)

Possible Food Poisoning Skin Rash

Possible Food Poisoning Skin Rash

I bought 2 packets of green powder at the health food store - both individual servings.

On Saturday, I drank a whole packet, felt sick, and couldn't eat the rest of the day. I DID NOT ASSOCIATE THIS WITH ANYTHING.

On Tuesday, I drank 1/3 of another packet and once again felt sick. I could not eat the rest of the day and vomited for 2 days. I also had diarrhea and then this awful skin rash developed. It covered my entire torso and it took a day before it was at its worst.

I reported this incident to the Poison Control Center and the health food store where I purchased the green powder. I also called the company that made the green powder who in turn had that lot of product tested and nothing abnormal was detected.

What is this skin rash?

Webmasters note - This sounds like it could be a viral skin rash. More information on skin rashes can be found at the diagnose my rash page.

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