Hair Removal Cream Skin Rash 

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A hair removal cream skin rash is common with individuals that use hair removal products. Some personal experiences with Nair and Veet hair removal products discussing the formation of a hair removal rash are provided below. Note that not all individuals will experience a hair removal cream rash. However, use the products only as directed, test a small area of the skin first to see if the skin reacts to the product, do not leave the hair removal cream on the skin for too long, and if you have very sensitive skin, then you will likely experience a hair removal cream skin rash. For those with sensitive skin, another type of hair removal is likely a better alternative.

Nair Rash on Bikini Line and Upper Lip

by Jameela (Lansing, MI)

Before using any new products, I test small areas of skin to see if any reaction occurs and with Nair I did not have any sort of skin problem. I have used Nair before in the shower and never had a problem with it until I recently noticed that I started breaking out on my bikini line. I usually got that part waxed but it was just a small area that I needed it for. After that I started noticing my skin got red and dry and itchy at times. I discontinued using the Nair product.

Recently, I put some Nair on my upper lip under my nose and completely forgot that it was not meant to be used for the face and ended up with a hair removal cream skin rash. I am now using tons of foundation to hide my skin which by the way is itchy red and hurts like I peeled my flesh altogether. It is also swollen.

Sensitive Skin Nair Hair Removal Cream Skin Rash

by Anonymous

I had used Nair for sensitive skin before and it worked great. After about ten days, I decided to use it again. I purchased bikini style since this was the area I wanted to cover again. After just two minutes it started to burn but I thought is was just 'working'. I left it on for six minutes and after washing the hair was gone but I had a horrible red hair removal rash and my skin was bleeding. I have tried now for several days to get the redness to go away and it is still there after three days. The skin area is now very sensitive and I would not recommend this product to anyone!

Nair and Veet Hair Remover Skin Rash

by Taylor (Missouri)

I enjoy shaving my legs because it makes them soft and I was good at it and only got nicked a couple of times. I had problems with getting ALL the hair on my left knee. I figured Veet could help. I tried Veet two weeks ago and left it on for six minutes. After taking it off, I looked at my legs to see if it worked. It did not get rid of my knee hair AND I saw little bumps all over my legs. My thighs had the most bumps. I tried Nair for my pits to see if Nair had the same effect. It did not work for removing the hair in my armpits. So I figured it would work on my legs. Two weeks later I tried it on my legs and there were bumps ALL OVER. The Nair produced a even worse hair removal cream skin rash than the Veet!

Itchy Bumpy Rash from Nair Hair Removal Lotion

by Anonymous

I have used Nair Hair Removal Lotion about three times before. The first two times were fine. A little burning as I applied the lotion but the hair came off well. However, the third time was a big mistake. I think it was because I rubbed instead of wiping and I did rub pretty hard too. Suddenly, overnight, a big bed of volcanoes erupted all over my legs. The hair removal cream skin rash was itchy, red, annoying, and ugly. As I scratched, the hair removal rash became inflamed and larger than ever. I don't recommend this product for people with sensitive skin or for people with no patience to "wipe away" every hair.

Nair Hair Removal Cream Facial Skin Rash

by Anonymous

It is not anything serious, but I have used Nair on my upper lip for around a year, once a month or so. Each time I use it, I am always left with a sore, red, itchy skin rash around my upper lip which is sometimes quite painful. I have always been good with pain and rashes so I put some Sudocrem on it and usually it was gone in a day or two. It isn't a devastating burn or anything, and not severe enough in my eyes to see a doctor, but it is sometimes a concern to me. I wonder whether I have an allergic reaction to the cream, if I'm using it wrong, if I'm leaving it on for too long, or whether the hair removal cream skin rash is completely normal.

I thought I would share this story, in case anyone else has the same problem.

By: Anonymous

I tried Nair hair remover for the first time today on my hands. But my skin got some red marks on it and it is very itchy. So I think this product is not very good.

Hair Removal Cream Skin Rash

by Anonymous

I have a rash that started on the back of my legs after I used hair remover cream. I thought nothing of it at first and then it started travelling up my legs, continuing onto my stomach, my sides, and my arms. Oddly enough it is not on my back or my chest area. It doesn't itch and nothing makes it go away.

More information on this and other types of skin rashes at the hair removal cream skin rash and other rashes page.

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